This week I had to head back to the gym – Lifetime Fitness.  I will be honest I did not get there as many times as I wanted but I was impressed that I got there at all.

I made it there twice and each time stayed on the treadmill for 35 minutes.  The goal was 30 minutes so I guess I am overachieving.

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 Getting in Shape – Walt Disney World® 10K Training

Lifetime Fitness Cardio Floor

Lifetime Fitness Cardio Floor

In addition to the gym, we did our fall yard work this past weekend.  Trimming bushes, cutting tree limbs, and picking yup yard trash easily counts as exercise in my mind.

Challenges – What to Wear to the Gym

This week I am going to focus on the gym.  Many big girls hate going to the gym.  The super thin bodies and excess skin showing just makes us self conscious and definitely impacts the quality of our work out.

By the way, I cannot for the life of me understand why mom’s want to parade through the gym wearing close to nothing trailing 3 kids behind them.  I, on the other hand, am not that comfortable showing off my body (thin or big) to the point of leaving nothing to the imagination.

Running Gear for a Fat Girl

So here is what I wear to the gym.  Now, it may not be fashionable but I am covered and comfortable enough to do what I am there for – exercise.

  • Shirt – Get a moisture wicking shirt that is a bit longer than normal.  Most of these shirts are cut to fit snuggly so if you want a bit of room get a shirt one to two sizes larger.
  • Running Shorts – For running you will want a pair of running shorts but I found that all of the women’s shorts are too short for my comfort.  Purchase a pair of men’s running shorts and you will get a bit more coverage.  If there is mesh in them you can cut it out.  TIP: You can give yourself a bit more room in the waist (men and women aren’t quite made the same) by cutting the elastic in the waist band.  Just gives you a bit of breathing room.
  • Compression Shorts – These are those tight shorts that you sometimes refer to as bikers shorts.  These are must for us larger girls.  It will keep your thighs from chaffing.
  • Shoes – This is the most important item.  Spend money on a good pair of shoes.  Nothing will stop you quicker than having your feet hurt.  Bad shoes can also cause other problems like shin splints and back problems.  So go to a good sports store and be fitted.  It will make all the difference in the world.  TIP: Your feet widen as you run from the compression.  If your shoes are snug think about getting a wide pair.  It will allow your feet to spread and your run will be more natural.

Thank you for joining me on my journey to try to gain some control over my weight, my health, and my sanity.  Hopefully we will inspire each other.