Tips for Working With Bad PhotosOn a trip to Disney World in 2012 one of my favorite memories was at the All Star Sports Resort.  We went out to the football field in the Touchdown section where Dad and Little Man played a quick game of something that resembled football.

I remember the laughter.  Little Man just ran an laughed until he was exhausted.  That sound will forever be with me. It was so special.

But it was nighttime and all we had were our cell phones.  So the only photos we have of this memory are not good at all.  They are very dark and very blurry.

Disney World All Star Sports Resort - Touchdown Football FieldAnd one photo is just of a leg that is barely recognizable.  We even had a discussion of is that really Little Man. (the shoe matches so it is him)
Disney World All Star Sports Resort - Touchdown Football Field

[quote] Don’t let bad photos stop you from preserving the memories. They are just as precious as those perfect photos as they hold those memories that make you smile. [/quote]

Here are some tips for working with bad photos:

1. Use a Program to Try to Improve Them

Many software programs have filters that can help lighten or sharpen photos.  I will warn you that sometimes the corrections can be worse than the original photo so use this sparingly and when it makes sense.

In this case lightening the photos would have made the blurring look worse and there was no fixing this amount of blur.  So I embraced the bad photo.

2. Use Bad Photos as Background Photos

The easiest way to use a bad photo is make it large and use it as background paper.  Then it has a look of ‘I meant it to be this way’.

I used the blurry leg photo as a background photo and then layered other photos and memorabilia on top of it.

3. Reduce the size of Bad Photos and Layer Them

Take the focus off of the bad photos by reducing the size and surrounding them with other photos and memorabilia.

I reduced the size of the Little Man running photo and attached it to the resort map.

In addition to all of these steps I also used journaling to explain the photos.  Here is the page that resulted.

[quote]There was no way I was going to forget that sound of laughter.  What an amazing night it was![/quote]

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney All Star Sports Resort

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Scrapbook Page Credits: Project Mouse Christmas Kit by Sahlin Studios / Britt-ish Designs and Conundrum Double Page Template by Little Green Frog Designs.