Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Epcot Morocco Pavilion

Page made using Autumn Mini Kit by Armina and Multi Photo Fun Templates by Scrapping with Liz.  
  • The Morocco Pavilion is designed to look like a a typical Moroccan village and is made up of 2 sections: the Ville Nouvelle (new city) and the Medina (old city)

  • Inside the pavilion you can find typical plants for the area in cluding citrus trees, date palms, and olive trees.

  • Restaurant Marrakesh is the table service restaurant and includes typical Moroccan fare such as roast lamb, Couscous and Harira Soup along with a Disney appropriate belly dancer.  Children are encouraged to go up and learn some dance moves.

  •  You can also hear the music of Mo’Rockin’ multiple times per day.  They are a bit rock and roll with an Arabian rhythm.

  • King Hassan II actually sent Moroccan artisans to design and create the many mosaics that can be seen around the pavilion.  The government of Morocco is the only country that sponsors a pavilion, corporations hold sponsoring rights on every other pavilion.

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