Merida’s Coronation at Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration

As part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration ( #DisneySMMoms ) I had the rare opportunity to be a special guest for Merida’s coronation.  We had front row seats for the event of the year!

Hostess of Ceremonies

It all began with the hostess of ceremonies.  I wish I could remember her title but I cannot so if anyone knows please tell me.  She is responsible for reading the decree making the Princess title official.   (I also hear you may see her hanging out in a creepy carriage during Mickey’s Not-S0-Scarry Halloween Party)

Disney Magic Kingdom Merida Coronation - Hostess

She kicked off the celebration by bringing in the princesses….

The Princesses Arrive

Merida’s Entrance

Once the Princesses joined the stage came the grand entrance of Merida.  She came in on horseback and was followed by a Scottish clad marching band and bagpipers.   There were many kilts to be seen.

The Proclamation

She then joined the stage where our hostess read the proclamation making her a real Princess….

Disney Magic Kingdom Merida Coronation - Merida Proclamation

Her mom, Queen Elinor, joined Merida on stage and placed the crown upon her head.   She was the perfect Mom, supportive and gracious.   At the end they hugged and I just loved seeing that motherly love come through….

Princess Media

This was my favorite part, after she was crowned in Merida fashion she opened her arms and announced here new postion.  It was soooo Merida…

Princess Merida Coronation Celebration

Princess Merida Coronation Celebration

Then Queen Elinor presented her with her bow and that just made the coronation perfect!

Princess Merida Coronation Celebration

Princess Merida Coronation Celebration

And of course when all was said and done the Princesses came up to congratulate her…

Disney Magic Kingdom Merida Coronation - Princesses

I am so lucky to be able to attend and I cannot thank Disney and #DisneySMMoms enough.   I think out of the Princesses she is my new favorite   Not because she is a princess but because she has spunk! I also have a little something up my sleeve so keep your eyes peeled.   I may just have a giveaway or 2 coming to commemorate the coronation of Merida.

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