Happy Birthday Walt!  All the well wishes today made me think back to when I first became aware of you and waht impact you had on the world around me.  My first memory is not of the parks but of The Wonderful World of Disney.

I remember hurrying to finish dinner so I could be in front of the tv right as the show began.  Who cannot forget that famous opening with Tinkerbell and the Castle. In those days there was only one tv in the house and a remote was one of the children going up and turning the dial (with a wrench when the knob finally broke).

The Wonderful World of Disney Scren Shot Logo

By the time I began watching this show Walt had already passed away but they would replay his intros and I remember being in awe of the man that created this all. He was like a father always explaining what you were about to see.  He could be serious or funny but you always wanted to see where he went.

It’s funny how your memories can be.  I remember him always making the intro but in reality I probably only saw a couple of episodes with him in it.  That is how much of an impact he made.

The Wonderful World of Disney screen shot with Walt Disney

The other thing I remember are the animal stories.  Many episodes centered on the antics and adventures of a single animal; typically a baby animal.

This goes back to Walt’s love of nature.  During these same years I wanted to grow up to be a vetrinarian.  That never happened but it was Walt’s influence that made me more aware and caring of the world around me.

The Wonderful World of Disney - The Yellowstone Cubs

I miss those days and am so glad I got to experience them.  Thank you Walt.  Even though you were gone before I was born you made a significant impact on my life. Happy Birthday!

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