When Disney World opened in 1971 swimming and other water activities were allowed in Seven Seas Lagoon. There were marked off areas for general swimming, along with sail boat rentals and water skiing.

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In fact my mother and father rented sailboats when they stayed at the Disney Contemporary Resort in 1972.

At that time you were allowed to sail anywhere you wanted and even come ashore on any beach the to get out for a bit. Notice the teepee in the background on then open Discovery Island.

My siblings and I also had the opportunity to swim there in the early ’80’s. We were lucky my Mom captured a couple of shots for us to remember it by. (My Mom was notorious for killing cameras. I think we went through 2 on this trip alone.)

There have been many reasons stated why they don’t allow swimming anymore. I heave heard everything from threat of alligators, not enough life guards to bacteria in the water.

But the consensus for originally ending swimming in the lagoon is much more sensible. As the number of boats on the Seven Seas Lagoon increased so did the risk of swimmers to get in their path. So for public safety they stopped the swimming.