Here is a photo from the first year Walt Disney World was open.  That is my Mom sitting there in front of the flowers.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle 1972

Cinderella’s Castle

  • Signature icon of the Walt Disney World Magic Kindom marking the transition from Main Street USA to Fantasyland
  • The castle is 189 ft high and includes 18 spires of blue and gold
  • Walking through the castle you will see 5 murals depicting the story of Cinderella.  These 15ft tall by 10ft wide murals are made up of hundreds of thousands of pieces of glass in 500 colors and took 2 years to complete.
  • There are 13 gargoyles on the outside of the castle (I have yet to find them all)
  • As part of the Year(s) of a Million Dreams campaign Cinderella Castle Suite was creates and a few lucky guests have had a change to stay in the park overnight.
  • The castle is the most photographed structure in the world

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