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Cover of "A Bug's Life [Blu-ray]"

This month’s theme is the Scary Side of Walt Disney World.  This got me thinking.  There are many attractions that thrill and can be scary to some.  But if I had to pick one thing I would warn people with small kids about is It’s Tough to be a Bug.

This attraction is inspired by the Pixar It’s a Bug’s Life movie (which is based upon Aesop’s Fable The Grasshopper and the Ants).  Flick is our host today and he invites you to become honorary bugs by wearing a pair of special “bug eye” glasses.  Once you are bug sized you are shows an exciting 3D film and live show on the survival techniques of bugs.

I must admit I get a bit of evil enjoyment out of this attraction.  With characters like Flick and photos of people laughing along with cute bugs, this attraction leads you to believe it is an innocent film for the whole family.

Disney Animal Kingdom It's Tough to be a Bug

And they lull you into this sense of security by being located under the Tree of Life.  As you wind your way to the Theatre of Life along lushly planted paths you are surrounded by beautiful tree carvings of animals.

Once inside the massive tree trunk and surrounded by the roots there are posters of famous theatrical products with bug puns: “A Stinkbug Named Desire,” “Web Side Story,” “Beauty and the Bee” and “My Fair Lady Bug,” etc.

At this time you also receive your bug opera glasses.  Great for seeing the bugs and for cute photos ops. No sense of trouble here – yet.

Disney Animal Kingdom It's Tough to be a Bug

The Theatre of Life is set with log seating and rather beautiful tangled-root architecture and classic vine-draped ceiling.  The announcer gets a chuckle from the crown as he reminds the audience to

[quote] please refrain from buzzing, chirping and stinging throughout the presentation. Oh, and by the way, no pollinating, either! [/quote]

Our master of ceremonies, Flik from the Disney film “A Bug’s Life,” begins the show and and comedy ensues as some of the acts go awry to take advantage of the 3D effect.  Beware of poison quills and the “termite-ator”.

Then in a moment it all turns, you go from laughing to shrieking as Hopper, the villainous grasshopper from “A Bug’s Life” enters the scene and he is mad. He want to get revenge for all of the bugs that have been killed at the hands of humans.

Now instead of cute bugs and comedic action you are being faced by a giant flyswatter, hit with bug spray, and attacked by  hornets.

But it get’s worse.  The room goes dark and there are spiders coming down on you from the ceiling.  Yes, big evil spiders!

Disney Animal Kingdom It's Tough to be a Bug

In total darkens screams take over (some of them are actually piped in by Disney) and then you see the doors open as a couple of parents have had to remove their terror stricken children from the theatre.

It is pure chaos for about 3 minutes and then suddenly everything is right with the world and they leave you in true Disney fashion with a happy finale.

So from viewing this attraction many times I have come to two conclusions:

  1. Young children SHOULD NOT view this film.  Especially if they don’t like the dark and spiders.  Big evil spiders.
  2. Disney Imagineers are slightly evil.  And I like it.


The trunk of the Tree of Life at Disney's Anim...

The trunk of the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some added trivia:

  • This attraction was actually finished before the film was complete so Flik and Hopper made their very first public appearance in the park 6 months BEFORE the film A Bug’s Life was even released.
  • Over 325 animals, ranging from a grasshopper to a lion, are carved on the Tree of Life and over 103,000 leaves were individually placed on the branches.
  • An oil rig is the base skeleton of the Tree of Life. It was chosen because it was capable of holding up the massive weight of the tree had a wide enough base to hold the theater.

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