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Tips for Saving Your Cell Phone Battery in the Disney Parks

Don’t you hate that moment when you pull out your phone to take a great shot of your kids doing something so darn cute in the parks to find that your battery had died?

It’s happened to all of us at some time or another.  But in the parks it seems to be much more critical.  From using My Disney Experience to taking photos to finding others in your party – we all depend on our phones.

So today I am sharing my tips with you to keep the power going as long as possible.

Welcome to this month's Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing some of our favorite Disney apps.

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Tip 1 – Turn Off Wifi

Walt Disney World has complimentary wifi across property.  This covers you at the resort and in all 4 parks and 2 water parks.  BUT this does not mean you should always be using it.

To maintain such good coverage Disney has had to install multiple wifi amplifiers (think cell phone towers) across the park.  Your phone is constantly bouncing back and forth between them as you walk around.  This constant hunt for a new wifi signal really draws on a battery.

This gets even worse if you are inside an attraction.  You could eat through a lot of your battery just riding soarin.  Let’s not do this.

My recommendation is to turn off the wifi until you need it. It is easy enough to turn on and off and your cell phone battery will thank you.


Wifi and cellular amplifiers are hidden in plain sight.  An example of this is that there is one in the bell tower above the Hall of Presidents.

If you don’t need your cell phone to receive call or texts I would also recommend going to airplane mode.  This options will save the most amount of power.

But I do understand that people will want to find each other using the cell phones so you will need to balance the needs of each signal.  But do think about it, it is that important.

Tip 2: Close Unnecessary Apps

Another huge draw on your cell phone’s battery are all those apps that are checking in and giving you updates.  A good rule of thumb is if you are getting a notification from an app then is it always running in the background.  There are also a lot of apps you never know are running in the background.  Honestly, it is a bit scary.

This also goes for your gps.  If you don’t need it – turn it off.

Since it is not that easy to figure out what is running in the background you may want to try a power saving app.  On my last visit to Disney I tried out the Greenify app for Android.

This app’s purpose is to identify what apps are running in the background and then you can choose which ones to ‘hibernate’ so they don’t draw on your battery.  It worked exactly as designed and I could instantly tell the difference.

Tips for Saving Your Cell Phone Battery in the Disney Parks - Greenify App for Androud

Tip 3: Carry Back Up

If you follow the first two tips you can most likely make it to dinner with some power still intact.   But there is still a chance that you may still need a little extra to make it through the evening.

There are a couple of options here and I might recommend doing the first two so you always have a back up.

External Battery Pack

These days external battery packs are quite economical and easy to come by.  Having one of these in your park bag is a must.

Power Cords

Always pack your power cord in your day bag.  There are many places withing the parks where you can plug in for a bit.

There are official power stations set up in numerous locations – one is at the back the Space Mountain gift shop.  There are also a lot of quiet areas where you can find an outlet.  One of my favorites is the hallway behind Innoventions in Epcot.  You can charge up and take a nap at the same time.

Disney is also adding outlest into some of the dining areas.  The perfect options is to charge your phone will eating dinner.  So keep your eyes open.  They are around.

Tips for Saving Your Cell Phone Battery in the Disney Parks - External Battery Pack

In Park Fuel Rod Charger Exchange

A new option to the parks are these Fuel Rod Charging stations.  You pay ($30 at the time of this post) for a battery pack and you can exchange it out at any other charging station on property for a fully charged one.

I believe these can also be exchanged at any Fuel Rod charging stations in the country.  But don’t quote me.

Tips for Saving Your Cell Phone Battery in the Disney Parks - External Battery Pack Exchange Stations

Final Thoughts

With a little planning you never need to run out of power in the parks.

And with even a little more planning you will never even need an external battery pack.

Do you have any tips I left off.  Let me know!

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Tips for Saving Your Cell Phone Battery in the Disney Parks

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