Disney Transportation – Is Boat, Car or Foot Faster

Race to the Brewery - What Path is Faster

On a trip to Walt Disney World we were heading from Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn for dinner at Big River Grille.  As we were leaving the conversation turned to the different ways we could get there. Should we take the Friendship boat, go get the car and park at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort or just walk.

We decided to make it a competition and we split up and each person took a different route.

Start time 6:30 PM and we are off….

By Sea

My sister headed for the Friendship boat launch.  The boat was not there but it soon arrived at 6:38 pm.  We thought she had the edge but it was not to be.  There was an incident where the stroller people would not make room for a wheel chair.

Freindship Boat Launch at Hollywood Studios

The boat left at 6:44 pm and we got a text when my sister realized “Boardwalk is the third stop!“.  Yep, the boat would have to make a stop at the Swan and Dolphin and then the Beach and Yacht Club before getting to The Boardwalk.

Friendship Boat

At 6:51 pm she had not gotten to the Swan and Dolphin yes so we texted her to get off at the Swan and Dolphin and walk over to The Boardwalk.

Arrival: 6:57 pm  Travel time: 27 minutes

By Foot

I headed up the walking team dubbed Team Mom.  I had the stroller and Mr J and Mr T with me.  We headed straight for the walking path between Hollywood Studios and The Boardwalk.

Team Mom

The agreement before we started this competition is you could not run.  This was to even the playing field.  So I walked at a normal pace with the boys.

Walking Path Between Hollywood Studios and Disney's Boardwalk Resort

We did get stopped at one point over an acorn of all things.  Mr J wanted me to stop so he could pick up acorns and I refused.  He began to cry and Mr T started screaming for an acorn.  Mr T still has limited english so he doesn’t even know what an acorn he.  But he has decided he must have one and have it now!

This happened just as we were crossing the boundary of The Boardwalk property.  As I am dealing with screaming and crying children I see Joe walking in the parking lot and I know the race really is on.  It is going to be close.

Arrival: 6:48 pm  Travel time: 18 minutes

By Car

This mode of transportation was the one we were most curious about.  We knew that by foot would most likely beat the boat but we were not sure about the car.

Disney World Parking Lot Tram

photo credit: minnemom via photopin cc

Joe did luck out right out of the gate.  He walked up and boarded a parking lot tram just as it was leaving.  He then got into the car and headed out of the lot.

Disney Boardwalk Inn

photo credit: jcummings via photopin cc

This is when he realized it was just two lights to get into the parking lot of The Boardwalk.  And on this night he did not have to park in the remote lot and easily got a parking spot close to the building.

Arrival: 6:45 pm  Travel time: 15 minutes

So on this night Joe won the race to the Brewery.  But if he had missed the tram or had to have parked in the remote lot across the street Team Mom would have easily won.

No matter what we do not think by boat has a chance.

So what did Joe win, a beer flight of course…

Disney Big River Grille Beer Flight

Have you ever wondered what transportation option is the best?  We would love to hear about your races.