On our last trip Little Man was on a mission to get only one thing while at Disney.  And that one thing was the diecast Disney Bus.  Yep, out of all the rides and shows we saw the Disney Bus is what was the hit.

The Disney Bus Takes Center Stage

On most trips we do have a car but we always take advantage of Disney Bus Transportation when we get a chance.  And what’s even better is that we can let the older kids go off on their own without worries.

 Most areas throughout Walt Disney World Resort are accessible by bus although you may have to transfer busses to get to your final desitnation.  Please note that some resorts do not have bus service to some attractions due to their proximity to the Monorail or Boat service.   Also, buses from Downtown Disney only go to the resorts and Typhoon Lagoon.

There are over 300 buses in the Disney fleet making their goal of noone waiting longer than 20 minutes for a bus achievable.  Typically seating on the buses are at a minimum allowing to fill the buses with more people standing. This is great for getting back to your resort quickly but bad for your aching feet after a day at the parks.

New Disney Bus Color Scheme

The New Look of the Disney Buses
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Please be kind and if you do have a seat please give them up to people in need.  i.e. pregnant women, elderly, very small children, etc.  We have trained our teenager he is to give up his seat if anyone looks like they need it. (there is a rant here for another post)

The busses typically run one hour prior to Park opening until one hour after closing.  Buses for Downtown Disney run later; usually until 2:00 AM.

The Walt Disney World website has this great tool for locating the different bus stops across property.  Could be handy for planning your route or for deciding what resorts to stay at.

Disney Bus Transportation Finder

Finding the closes bus stop for the main pool at Disney’s For Wilderness

 If you have a question about how to get somewhere do not hesitate to ask a Cast Member.  They will surely know the way.

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