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One way to make a vacation extra special is to create your own family vacation t-shirts.  I have known people to make matching t-shirts for every day of their trips (yes, I am talking about you Heidi).

Matching t-shirts do a couple of things:

  • Creates excitement before a trip.
  • Brings unity to larger groups.
  • Makes children easy to spot and hard to loose. (that can be a pro or con)

Matching Family T-Shirts in front of Epcot Spaceship Earth courtesy of Heidi's Head

To really get an idea of how cute matching shirts at Disney can be I recommend checking out Planning for a Disney Wardrobe by Heidi of Heidi’s Head.

Capturing Magical Memories Disclosure

I am not as creative and talented as Heidi so I was grateful to discover Teespring.  They are a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel.

This is great for those of us that just don’t have time to make the t-shirts or don’t want to handle the logistics of larger groups.

All you have to do is create a t-shirt using either their graphics or you can create your own.  Then set the price for the number of t-shirts you need. The nice thing here is you don’t have to make money you can just break even and let Teespring do all the work.

I also like that they keep costs down by only doing printing one time.  So everyone orders and at the end of the designated time (campaign) they are printed and sent directly to everyone’s houses.  This also means you pay nothing upfront, take no risk and don’t have to deal with the hassle of ordering and shipping the right number of shirts.

I had to try it our and here is my t-shirt design and campaign! As you see I need 50 shirts ordered to make it happen so who wants a Memory Hoarder shirt!!!???

I have them in womens, mens, and even childrens!! Come one and come all!! Stand out in a crowd and proclaim your love of memory keeping and Disney!!

Teespring Become a Memory Hoarder T-Shirt

After reviewing the site and creating my campaign here are my takeaways.


  • Quality – Their shirts seems to be of higher quality than most and their screen printing process will beat any other mail order service out there.  Most of those use digital printing which is not the same at all.   Screen printing lasts longer and the colors are brighter.
  • Price – Their prices are fair and there is room for a bit of profit (if you are looking for that) if you have larger orders.  But for most families you will most likely break even which is ok too.
  • Options – You will be happy to see they have womens, mens, and children sizes.
  • Easy of Use – It really is simple to create and publish your shirt.  They have made it easy with a 3 step walk through that clearly tells you what to do.


  • Price – They got a pro and con here.  There prices are very fair for the quality but still may be too much for a family trip that has low order numbers. The price goes down with the more shirts that are ordered.  So you may need to only print on one side of the t-shirt to keep prices low for small groups.
  • Adding Additional Shirts – It is extremely easy to create your shirt and add it to your campaign.  But to add different styles you will need to e-mail customer service.  They are great on turnaround! But I wished I could have done it on my own.

No matter what I recommend matching shirts for any large family trip or organization event to add to the magical expereince.  And when you do start shopping around add TeeSpring into the evaluation.

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Photo Credit: Heidi of Heidi’s Head

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