Finding Nemo – The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park


Review of Finding Nemo the Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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I have to be honest here.   The first time I saw Finding Nemo: The Musical inspired by the Disney® Pixar film Finding Nemo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park I was not onboard.   I liked it and all but I thought it went on a bit long at 40 minutes.   I think the first time I saw it I thought – “I could be riding Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain™ right now.”

Then two things changed – I had a child who loves Finding Nemo and I went in August!  Finding Nemo – The Musical is definitely a great way to rest your weary feet and get some great airconditioning.   And as a bonus you get a great show…

Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom

A Bit About The Show

  • It opened in 2007 in the old Theater in the Wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.
  • The show is based on Finding Nemo – The Movie with original songs written by Tony Award-winning Avenue Q composer Robert Lopez and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez.  (they do have a CD of the show and I highly recommend it – you’ll be singing it all the way home)
  • Tony Award-winning director Peter Brosius directs the show which consists of puppets, dancers, acrobats and animated backdrops.
  •  Michael Curry, who designed puppets for The Lion King Broadway Production, led the puppet and production design.
  • The show is 5 times a day in the complete enclosed and air conditioned 1,500 seat Theater in the Wild.

My Thoughts

So those are the facts – what about the show?  Well, if you have a child (or adult) who loved the movie you will not be disappointed.  It is high energy and full of color.   And the music is wonderful!   It ties beautifully in with the movie.   In fact now when I watch the movie I keep expecting the songs – so now I just sing them in the right places to annoy my family.

Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Fish Tank

Finding Nemo: The Musical
does follow the same plot as the movie.   But my favorite is scene (in both the movie and the musical) has to be the sharks and ‘Fish are Friends’.  The sharks are awesome!!!   The actors are great at making the sharks do a little number and then there of course is the ‘INTERVENTION!’ that ends with a bang.  Very cool!

Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Sharks Fish Are Friends

But the best song of the show comes from Crush.   He sings the song ‘Just Go With the Flow’ that will have you singing it all day long.   And the Crush puppet is just amazing!!

Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Crush Go With The Flow

Finding Nemo The Musical Disney's Animal Kingdom - Crush and Marlin

Tips for seeing Finding Nemo: The Musical inspired by the Disney® Pixar film Finding Nemo.

  • I recommend going to the second show of the day to allow for riding Kilimanjaro Safari and Expedition Everest.
  • My favorite seats are first row along the second sections – does not matter if you are in the left, right, or middle sections.  This puts you at a perfect viewing spot for all the characters that walk through the audience and little kids have a great view of the show without having to dodge adult heads (this is also applicable for short people like me).  It also gives you a little extra room for wiggly children to dance with the music.
  • For photographers I would recommend lower section middle to get the best vantage point and lighting.
  • There is handicap seating along the back and at the back of the first section.   Try to get the back of the first section.  The back is ok but there are people moving around and a lot of ambient light.   Also, this is one of those times if you are on a scooter and can walk to a seat please do.   There is limited seating for wheel chairs.

So my view has completely changed and I have even gone to the show by myself on solo trips.   I am now a Finding Nemo – The Musical convert!  And I must confess – I do tear up a little bit as a parent in the end when Marlin let’s Nemo go.

Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Nemo and Marlin

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