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I must be doing something right because Beth keeps asking me back.  Thanks Beth!  And I love the Animal Kingdom and the Kilimanjaro Safaris so I jumped at the chance to talk scrapbooking about them.  This time I want to talk about inspiration.  Sometimes you have photos but you just don’t know where to start. When this happens I look for just a little something to get me going.  In this case I turned to Mousescrappers.

For my first page I found their Weekly Challenge.  This one was fun because it asked me to use scanned in memorabilia.  That’s when I saw the photo of the Fab 4 in Safari gear and I had that moment of ‘ah-ha!’.  It also helps when you can see what other people do for the same challenge.  That gives me a lot of ideas.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Donald's Safari Breakfast at Tusker House Breakfast in the Animal Kingdom

For the second page I went to their Template Challenges.  This one is definitely a go to when you have absolutely no idea where to start.  They actually give you a blank template and you just fill it in!! Typically they provide it in either Photoshop or png format. Sometimes you may get a Storybook Creator format.  And all of these can be used for either digital or traditional pages.

Scrapbooking Template by Goldiscraps and her 3 Bears

Here’s my twist on the template created by Julie of Goldiscraps and her 3 Bears.  For both pages today I used my Safari Kit.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Kimanjaro Safari in the Animal Kingdom

Now you have no excuse for not getting those pages done.  Mousescrappers has a ton of ideas and resources.  If you stop by look me up.  I am MaryD73 and I would love to see your pages.

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