This takes me back.  I remember my sister and I being able to go off ALONE to River Country.  It was our first sense of freedom and I remember the feeling of excitement being on that bus heading to River Country.  I was probably 11 or 12 at the time and my sister 8 or 9.

I also remember the slides.  One of us was always chicken to ride them and the other one would sort of ‘dare them’ to go down.  In the end we conquered River Country and came away with some wonderful memories.

How many of you think back to those days and wish you could be that kid again?
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River Country opened back in 1976.

Disney World's River Country - Water Truck with Mickey Mouse Logo

When River Country opened, it was described as a “unique new water-oriented land.” River Country promised to be “everything kids ever wanted to do at the old swimming hole down by the river in the good old days, plus all the comforts for Mom and Dad so they can participate too.”

Disney World's River Country - The Old Water park at Fort Wilderness

One of the areas within River Country was Whoop-N’-Holler Hollow, with two separate twisting journeys (260 feet and 160 feet respectively) plunging into The Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole.

Disney World's River Country - Slides at the Old Water park at Fort Wilderness

For over 25 years, River Country provided a refreshing escape from the warm Florida summers for guests of all ages.
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