Making the Most Out Of Your Visit to the Disneyland Parks

Disneyland California Adventure - Quick Tips

Disneyland California Adventure‘s has just passed it’s 13th anniversary.  The park changed a lot since it is opening.  Rides of come and gone, new lands have been created, and the park just keeps expanding.

The entire park takes a look at the different looks and eras of California.  You can go back time to the golden days of Hollywood or visit a classic Southern California pier.   There is a little bit for everyone in this park.

With all that has changed here are some tips for touring the park today

1 ) Ride Radiator Springs Racers

In this ride you have entered the world of Pixar Cars and Radiator Springs.  You visit scenes from the movie as you prepare for the big race.  It is the most popular ride in the park right now.

If you plan on riding Radiator Springs Races plan on getting there first thing in the morning.  You have two options here.  Prior to rope drop you can line up to a) get in the ride queue or b) get in the Fastpass line.  Either option is valid but you need to be in one.  The lines for this ride fill up quickly so having a fastpass is nice.  If you want to ride it later without a Fastpass get in the Single Ride line.  You WILL ride alone so if you are willing to split the family up this is the easiest way to ride.

Disneyland California Adventure - Cars Land

2) Get Fastpasses for World of Color

World of Color is an unforgettable outdoor show that ends the night at the California Adventure park.  It is built around favorite moments in many of Disney’s animated movies all displayed on a 19,000 square-foot wall of water.

The best way to do this is at park opening.  Immediately after getting Fastpasses for Radiator Springs head over and get World of Color Fastpasses.  There is no wait time for these Fastpasses so get them now.

3) Eat at Carthay Circle for Lunch

Inside a reproduction of the iconic Carthay Circle Theatre built in 1926 and where Walt Disney’s first feature-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, premiered you can have a 1st class meal.

Carthay Circle shares the same Executive Chef as the premier Napa Rose Restaurant at the Grand California Hotel.  So you can get the same quality of food in the in the parks and it is easier to get a lunch reservation.

Disneyland California Adventure - Grizzly River Run

4 ) Ride Grizzly River Run Last

This is one of these rides that you will get wet.  It is a whitewater raft ride that drifts along a lazy river, passing the rusty remnants of an old mining company until you ride up the mountain and splash down Grizzly River into the waters below with a big SPLASH.

So if you don’t like walking around a park with wet underwear it is recommended waiting until you are on your way out of the park to ride this one.

5 ) Schedule Some Time for “A Bugs Land” if You Have Little Ones

California Adventure has one of the best kid areas of all the parks.  An entire land for the the younger (and shorter) set based upon the Pixar movie “a Bug’s Life”.  This area has five rides and a splash pad that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Bonus Tip:  Visit Paradise Pier in the Morning

With everyone running to Radiator Spring take the time to visit Paradise Pier with lower crowds.  Ride California Screamin’ and Toy Story Midway Mania at your leisure.

Disneyland California Adventure - Paradise Pier

Hope these tips are helpful for planning your next trip.

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