Quick and Easy Disney Scrapbook Page Titles

Let me start with I am not a creative person.  I use templates all the time to give me page pizazz.  And titles are even worse.  For me I struggle with how to create a title.  But once I learned this little trick I was off and running.  Note: these instructions are for Photoshop Elements but most programs will still do this with a little alteration.

Step 1: Create Your Title Using Font of Your Choice

Use what ever font you want (thicker is better but not necessary) and type your title.  I used Waltograph font for this example.

Disney Scrapbooking Tip - Starting with a Basic Title

Start with Your Title in a Font of Your Choice

Step 2: Create a Blank Layer Below Title

Create a blank layer below the title layer to be used in Step 4.  (For non-Photoshop programs try using the flatten font functions.  You could create a duplicate layer.)

Step 3: Select The Font

Select font with the “marching ants”.  Easy way to do this is holding the ctrl (pc) or command (mac) when selecting the font layer.

Disney Scrapbooking Tip - Selecting the Font in Photoshop Elements

Select the Font

Step 4: Increase Font Selection Size and Move to the Blank Layer

From the main menu choose Select/Modify/Expand to increase the outline of the font.  For this example I chose 20 pts.

Now select the new blank layer on the left.   Make sure it is below the text layer. (For non Photoshop programs try playing with the size of the duplicate layer.  Try to make it look like the background of the first layer.)

Disney Scrapbooking Tip - Expanding the Font Outline in Photoshop Elements

Expand the Selection

Step 5: Fill new Layer with a Solid Color

Using the paint bucket tool fill the “marching ants” selected area with a contrasting color.

Disney Scrapbooking Tip - Fill the Selection with Color in Photoshop Elements

Fill new Selection with Color

Step 6: Cover Each Layer with Paper

Now for the fun part, overlay the two layers with papers of your choice.

You now have a custom title!  (For non Photoshop users, use the programs overlay or fill functions to change the solid color layers to a paper of your choice.)

Disney Scrapbooking Tip - Add Papers to Layers in Photoshop Elements

Add Your Papers

Add it to your page, shadow it, and you are done. You look like a pro!!!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Family Photo at exit of Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom

Family Photo 2011

I hope that gave you some ideas to add a touch of pizazz to your pages without having to stress too much about creativity.  One font, 2 papers, and you are an artist!

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