Day 2 begins early as I needed to catch a 5 am bus from Port Orleans Riverside to Epcot for the Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5k (now call the Cinderella Royal Family 5K).  I had registered as a runner but decided to join up with Jennifer from Disney Babies Blog and her family in the stroller decision.

Epcot Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Mary and Jennifer Pre-Race

We had a fun time because we were together and Jennifer’s son, who is 3, wanted to run parts of it.   But unfortunately I have to say the race had some hiccups that impacted the stroller division the most and took away much of the Disney magic. So until they make so changes I cannot recommend the Mickey and Minnie Royal 5K.   The root cause of all issues was the delayed start.  In what I believe was an attempt to keep all the runners organized and well spaced runDisney had a minimum of 15 minutes in between each corral start.

Technically in 15 minutes someone could just about run the entire 5K.    Since we were in the stroller division, and the last to go, we did not start our race until 45 minutes after the initial corral.   We actually spent close to 30 minutes of our wait watching other runners cross the finish lines.

To put this in perspective when I was in the Jingle Jungle 5k  stroller division during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend our corral left right after the other corrals.  (We did have Cast Members pacing us so we did not hurt anyone so we were very slow to start with – but that was ok.)   In the Jingle Jungle 5K I crossed the 1 mile mark at 28 minutes.  For the Mickey and Minnie 5K we crossed the 1 mile mark at 1 hour and 4 minutes.
Mickey and Minnie Royal 5K - Just Entering Disney's Epcot

Over an Hour a Mile

The negative impact of this late start was that we were very rushed through the course.  Cast Members followed us the entire way reminding us we needed to hurry up.   We weren’t going slow but since we had started so late they needed to get us out of the park so they could open up.  And remember the strollers are not allowed to run.  So having people remind us to hurry up when technically we could not hurry up was a bit frustrating.  They even cut part of our course to get us out of Epcot prior to park opening.  We did not leave Epcot over at the United Kingdom Pavilion, see the Mile 2 marker, or pass the 2nd water station.

Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5k Course MapThe worst thing was that people were being turned away from getting photos with characters because there just wasn’t time.  This is a problem since the stroller division is made up of children that wanted to meet their favorite characters.  To them this was their reward for getting up at 4 am and being in a corral for close to 2 hours – and now they were being to told ‘no’. And it was very stressful on the parents that had kids wanting to stop for photos while Disney Cast Members kept reminding them how slow they were going.

Mickey and Minnie Royal 5K Character Meets in Disney's Epcot World Showcase

Meeting Snow White and Dopey

Mickey and Minnie Royal 5K Character Meets in Disney's Epcot

Meeting Donald and Daisy Duck in their formal wear

Overall the stroller division for the Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5k stroller division felt like it was something they had to do – not wanted to do.   If you want to do a runDinsey 5k in the stroller division I would recommend one of the other races, specifically the Jingle Jungle 5k during Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  I would definitely do another 5k stroller event but not until runDisney has made some adjustments and learnt from this one.

But I did talk to non-stroller runners of the 5k and they said that they enjoyed themselves and things ran smoothly.   So it looks like the issues were curtailed to just the stroller division.

Update:  As of fall 2013, runDisney no longer offers a stroller option for the 5K.  Children must be able to complete a 5K under their own power.  Some of the issues above may have led to that decision.  I miss the stroller option but agree that it may have been for the best to remove it as an option.

Mickey and Minnie Royal 5K at Princess Marathon Weekend

Finish Line Photo

After the race I had a lazy afternoon.   I did visit Magic Kingdom, mailed a post card from Main Street, and took some great shots of the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Enchanted Tiki Toom in the Magic Kingdom

That evening I met up with a friend of mine, Anne Marie, from my Creative Memoriesdays and we had dinner at Olivias at Old Key West and then went to see YeHaa Bob at Port Orleans Riverside.

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

Mary and Anne Marie at Port Orleans Riverside

I cannot say enough good things about Yee Haw Bob.   I will tell you that it is full audience participation and very family friendly.   Your kids will not get bored!!!  I don’t want to ruin the experience so just know he is a piano player that will make you laugh all night long.   Many memories will be had!!

YeHaa Bob at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside courtesy of WDW Parkhoppers

YeHaa Bob courtesy of WDW Parkhoppers

Well, that was the end of Day 2….   time to get some sleep.

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Scrapbooking Notes:

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YeHaa Bob Photo Credit:  johncdonahue via photopin cc

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