This article was first published on The Disney Moms on June 6th, 2012.

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Here at The Disney Moms we spend a lot of times talking about planning those memories but I wanted to share a bit today about preserving those memories.  Over at my other blog, Capturing Magical Memories, I spend a lot of time trying to inspire everyone to get those memories onto paper. Just remember…
Computers die but albums live on! 
Here are my rules of preserving Disney memories:

  • Use an acid free photo album or scrapbook. Seriously – this is the most important thing you can do.  Remember those albums from the 70s?  Perfect example of photos dying because the acid is eating them.
    Disney Scrapbooking - Disney themed Album and Blank Pages

    Album and Pages

  • Get the photos into the album.  This may seem self-explanatory but I know so many people who feel like they can’t do it because their pages don’t look good enough.  I will agree, there are many people who scrapbooking is their hobby and they will make you wish your album looked better.  (I am in awe at the works of art some of these women create.)  But don’t worry about that.  The important things are the photos and memories – that is what your family is looking at.