Scrapbook Layout

Batter Up


As the weather became better and better we began to spend more time outside. On this day I pulled up after work to find all the boys in the backyard teaching Mr J to play baseball.  As any good Mom would do I quickly pulled out a camera and began shooting. As you can [...]

The Angels Share


  Once upon a time, my husband and Mr J drove from Houston to Syracuse (I agree – I also question my husband’s sanity of taking a 3 yo on a 20+ hour car ride).  Along the way he had two goals 1) go to a Cincinnati Reds game and 2) take the Makers [...]

Our Nations Capital


  Visiting Aunt Cat in Washington DC On the way to Syracuse the boys hit the Maker’s Mark Distillery and on the way home they invaded Washington DC and descended upon Aunt Cat and her 450 square foot condo.  The highlights of this quick trip were a night game at a Washington Nationals game [...]

Adoption Updates


  Waiting for Mr T was the hardest part.  We were provided monthly updates that included 3 photos and if we were lucky a one minute video.   Unfortunately these updates didn’t come every month – but you would hope. In essence we watched our son grow up 3 photos at a time. These [...]

Mickey High Five


  We are back in 2013 this week.  This year my husband Joe of Off to Neverland Travel was supposed to run the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Unfortunately he injured his foot and could not participate. Since he already reservations and a ticket he decided to take Mr J instead.  He registered him for [...]

Christmas at Home


  Like most Holidays we are pretty low key.  Our Christmas is no exception.  Christmas Eve we get the boys brand new pajamas and sit around watching Christmas movies (some are classic but in our family Die Hard is also a valid option). If we are in Houston for Christmas we get up early [...]

Autumn Fun


Living in Houston we don’t get much Fall like weather so when we do we run outdoors.  On this day we headed to Duessen Park on Lake Houston and started out the morning to try our hand at geocaching.  This was our first and last attempt at this. Mr J is just a bit [...]

Fun Smiles


  The final couple of days was just about having fun with Mr J in the parks. We arranged two Character meals at Cape May Cafe and Crystal Palace because he had still not turned three yet and it was most like the last trip where he would eat free. We also did it [...]

Party Time


  Towards the end of this trip we were all about just having fun.  We also had a chance to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle for lunch at Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  They had also been here running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. That same evening we headed to [...]

Happy Halloween


  The first couple of photos I share are Mr J the budding photographer.  Since I have taken so many photos of him he thought it was only fair to return the favor.  As a present I got him a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera and he carried it everywhere. Unfortunately that camera [...]

I Did It


  This week we head back to Walt Disney World for the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  This is was the first time we did a runDisney weekend as a family.  Mr J was now a seasoned Disney vet at the age of 2 and a half.  He actually led us through [...]

Young at Heart


  One of my favorite projects is a poster print I did recently (which I still have yet to get printed….) showcasing pictures of Fred & me throughout our various Disney trips.  I love that it showcases all the “young at heart” moments we have at Disney! Kit Used: Unknown   [...]

Stars of the Show


  Cute way of embedding a photo into an existing photo.  Kait has added her and her husband into the TV the dalmatian is watching at Pop Century Resort. Perfect for a title or end page. Kit Used: Unknown  

Dino Dig


  The next day we spend the day at Animal Kingdom.  Again, we spend the time getting to know some of the Character but the highlight was The Boneyard. When you enter The Boneyard you will find yourself in a play area much like of the Honey I Shrunk the Audience play area.  It [...]

Hanging With Mom


  One of the luxuries of my husband being a Disney travel agent is that their annual conferences are held at Walt Disney World or at another Disney property.  That means I get to go as a spouse and relax while he is in meetings all day. On this trip I got the chance [...]

First Haircut


  This page is one of those memorable childhood memories – the first hair cut. It took Mr J over 2 years to finally have enough hair to cut and we purposely waited for our Disney trip so we could have it at Harmony Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom. It was magical. The [...]

Beach Break


  The first page has a couple of miscellaneous photos and then beach photos from our road trip to Walt Disney World. This was the first time Mr J saw the ocean. He was impressed and started playing in the sand right away. I wanted him to dip his toes in the Gulf of [...]

Smiles and Tears


  The page has quite a few shots of Mr J playing around the parks. But the story worth remembering here is the Princess Breakfast at Norway. While we were waiting he was great but when he walking into the room to have his photo with Belle he began to scream. He was terrified!! [...]

Warm Hugs


  We are back at Disney World today with some more miscellaneous photo pages.  This page has many photos of Mr J post first hair cut at Crystal Palace on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom hamming it up for the characters. He actually was lucky enough to be asked by Winnie the [...]

Easter Egg Hunt


  This page is Easter at our house. This year is the first time Mr J understood that finding eggs was the goal and there was candy inside each one of them. As soon as he got up he raced around and found them all before my husband had even gotten up. He was [...]

Just a Boy


  I start with a hodge podge page of miscellaneous photo of springtime activities. Everything from a spring snow in Syracuse, NY to helping Dad with yard work is included. My favorite photos are the ones where Mr J is playing at the neighborhood fountain. That day he felt so empowered as he was [...]

Children’s Museum


  Our second big outing was to the Houston Children’s Museum. To be honest Mr J was a bit to young for the activities inside but once we headed outside he was in his elements. There were tons of water based experiments to work with. His favorite one was the area that allowed them [...]

Blueberry Picking


  Today I am sharing a couple of activities during the summer month’s here in Houston. The first page is blueberry picking. Blueberry picking is big in Houston and is seen as a real family outing. Everyone get’s into the act and this day was no different. Even the grandparents joined us in picking [...]

Mickey Autograph Book


  My favorite work is my own Mickey Body Parts Autograph Book I made around 2009. I made it so I could get my own autographs when we went to Disney.  I stood in line with all the kids to get them. Loved it! Kit Used: Unknown  



  This page is filled with some miscellaneous photos from early that year. We have creating art on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, playing in the fountain down the street (all the little boys were doing this), and getting to know the family cat.. Kit Used:Minted template(retired) and Hopscotch Kit (retired) by Mye De [...]

Fall Colors


  This first page if from one of our days at the local park. This is when he was just getting big enough to start being independent and taking on the slides by himself. My favorite part of this page is photo on the lower right. We were having so much fun that neither [...]

Outdoor Fun


  This page shows what his big birthday gift was. If you live in a Houston suburb you have one of these in the back yard.  Mr. J was in heaven when he first saw it and wanted to do everything all at once. He spend hours just climbing up and down the stairs. [...]

Turning 2


  I am  working on my Mr J’s 2012 album and documenting his 2nd birthday. I promise Disney pages soon but right now I am still trying to catch up. This first page is his actual birthday party. We just had immediate family and it was perfect. Mr. J chose a Disney Cars theme [...]

Tree of Life Family Photo


  I have tons of favorites pages but I chose this one because Animal Kingdom is my favorite park after the Magic Kingdom.   I love the title work and this non-Disney kit worked so well for this page. But my favorite part is the kind of hidden Mickey I created using the twine that [...]

Under the Sea


  Here’s a layout I made about Ariel using the free template I mentioned above available on Scrap Stacks.  It highlights the Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Kit Used: Free Template from Scrap Stacks Software: Adobe Photoshop  

Fun in the Magic Kingdom


  After Thanksgiving in Epcot we took the time to play in the Magic Kingdom. Some of the fun things we got to experience: Taking photos of the boys on Astro Orbitor.  I have a fear of this ride and was thrilled when a cast member told me I could go up and just [...]

Castle Pocket Page


  Great layout using pocket pages to make a huge title page for your album.  This one is just a full page of cards that make up a full image of Cinderella Castle in teh Magic Kingdom. Kit Used: Unknown  

Epcot Morning


  here are some of my favorite photos from both of our trips in my traditional 12×12 scrapbooks. I work on those pages anytime I have product that inspires me or I’m just in the mood for some Disney!  These photos include meeting Stitch and Daisy Duck at the entrance of Epcot. Kit Used: [...]

First Sight


  My favorite traditional page? It’s currently this one about my 4 year old’s first glimpse of the Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom from atop Dad’s shoulders. Kit Used: Unknown  

Cinderella Castle


  Disney photos are usually full of bright colors and can be a little busier with all the background, etc, so I try extra hard to make sure the focus is on my photos and they don’t get overwhelmed on the page.  This is evident on this page where Cinderella Castle in the Magic [...]

All Smiles


  This layout from Hollywood Studios that expresses the fun & joy of my little ones first experience like none other! His face says it ALL! Kit Used: Magical Moments Bundle Kit by Simple Pleasure Designs Software: Adobe Photoshop  

Character Meets


  These page layouts come from some miscellaneous photos we took during our 2013 family vacation. As you can see they have a lot of characters… Our family tradition is to visit the Crystal Palace on each trip. We get that early morning breakfast and it is how we know we are really on [...]

Kali River Rapids


  To kick off our trip my husband decided to drive to Disney. This is a 16 hour trip and we did make one stop near Biloxi for the night. Here we did make a boo-boo. We accidentally left Little Man’s favorite stuffed animal in the hotel room. He eventually made his way home [...]

Holiday Festivities


  The holidays at Disney World are so much fun.   There are so many things to do and here you see some of the high points.  Wandering the World Showcase in Epcot to see the decorations and hear the story tellers.  Getting in a Mickey's Holiday Party in the Magic Kingdom.  Seeing the Candlelight [...]

Little Bit of Everything


  Love putting souvenirs and photos together.  Everything from cast member stickers to pocket cards just make your memories pop.  In this one we have a couple of photos.  One from the Jedi Training Academy in Hollywood Studios and one from the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. Kit Used: Unknown  

runDisney Boys Weekend


  This two page spread is a bit of a mash up of three trips. Two were ones that my husband took to Disneyland.  One was for Off to Neverland Travel business and the other was for the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. The other trip was a boys weekend for the runDisney Tower [...]

Hanging With Dad


  One of the special things they did together was head over to Legoland Florida for the day.  This was the first time for both Dad and Little J. Little J LOVED it!  This park was for him.  There were only 2 rides he could not ride. His favorite ride was Lego Car Race.  [...]

Disney Social Media Moms


  I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World. This was an unexpected honor and the memories that came from that weekend I will cherish forever. The first evening was quite the family affair.  We were treated to a private dinner in Epcot that included meet and greats [...]

Vroom Vroom


  No parent is ready for their child to take the wheel but if it is one of the Tomorrowland Speedway cars in the Magic Kingdom it may not be so bad (except the whip lash from hitting side to side). Kit Used: Unknown  

Princess for a Day


  Girls love Disney princesses. So in 2011, we decided to splurge and take them to lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  My mom, our own personal Fairy Godmother, made sure their hair was just right for meeting “royalty” and we headed to Cinderella’s Castle.  As each and every princess made their way to our [...]

Time with Grandpa


  Special memories are always created at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  Some of the best memories are those when little ones go for the first time or multiple generations of the same family are there.  Watching Grandpa with his grand kids warms any heart. Kit Used: See an Elephant Fly Digital Kit   [...]

Welcome the Fairies


  Disney parades are always special.  From elaborate floats to seeing your favorite characters.  This page highlights the Fairies from Sleeping Beauty (Flora and Fauna) as they walk along the Stars on Parade route in Disneyland Paris. Kits Used: Unknown    

Prince and Princess


  Disney parades are always special.  From elaborate floats to seeing your favorite characters.  This page highlights Cinderella and Prince Charming on Main Street in Disneyland Park Paris riding in a horse drawn carriage in the Stars on Parade. Kits Used: Unknown    

Park Icons


  Every park has a major icon.  Magic Kingdom has Cinderella's Castle, Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Life, Epcot has Spaceship Earth and Hollywood Studios has the Mickey Water Tower.  The last one is interesting because in the page below the water tower is not from Hollywood Studios but rather at the entrance [...]

Tink on Parade


  Disney parades are always special.  From elaborate floats to seeing your favorite characters.  This page highlights Tinkerbell on Main Street in Disneyland Park Paris riding her float in the Stars on Parade. Kits Used: Unknown    

RunDisney Boys Weekend


  This page spread is from Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in 2013. My husband was supposed to run but an injury stopped him. But he did not let it stop him from going. Instead he registered Little Man for a runDisney Kids Race and off they went for a boys weekend. Little Man [...]

Pin Trading


  Every noticed all those people wearing lanyards covered in pins? There is s purpose beyond just collectins then - trading them!  Half the fun is meeting people and trading pins.  The best way to get started is purchase a starter kit and trade with Cast Members.  Cast Members wearing a lanyard of pins [...]

Welcome Aboard


  Disney Cruises are really special.  From the second you step on board you are surrounded by luxury and Disney magic. Kit Used: Project Mouse (At Sea): BUNDLE by Sahlin Studios/Britt-ish Designs    

Mickey Style


Preparing for a Disney trip can be as much fun is going.  A lot of people make their own clothes for the trips.  Here we see a little girl trying on her Mickey dress for the first time. Kit Used: Precocious (flowers) by Sahlin Studios  

Marathon Weekend


  I have shared pages from the boys trip to WDW Marathon Weekend so it seems only fair that I got a girls trip to Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I participated in the Royal Family 5K Fun Run with Jenn of Disney Babies Blog. Let’s just say this was not the most well run [...]

It’s A Small World


  It's a Small World in the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland is very special.  It's an attraction Walt Disney had a passion for and one that for the artist, Mary Blaire, it is her legacy.  The other thing that makes this ride unique in Disneyland is that the beginning portion is out doors. Kit [...]



  A lot of people are adding a day to their Disney vacations to head over to Universal Studios to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  This truly immersive environment begins even befor you enter Hogwarts. Kit Used: Unknown  



  Food and Wine Festival in Expcot is the 'most wonderful time of year' for some.  They get to leisurely wander world showcase and taste food and beverages from all over the world. Kit Used: Unknown  

Working on my Badge


  Widerness Explorers was a great addition to the Animal Kingdom.  It gave kids something to do other thatn look at animals and ride rides (even though you would think that was enougn)  The kids are given their Wilerness Explorer handbook at the kiosk on the bridge entering Africa.  They then visits stations all [...]



  Halloween can be spooky and so much fun.  Especially at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom. Don't forget to go to the Haunted Mansion. Kit Used: Unknown  

Very Merry Party


  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom is absolutely wonderful.  This party is filled with holiday cheer.  From the decorations, to the castle dripped in icicles, to the cocoa and cookies.  Did I mention it snows!!  Rumor is that there is a parade too but someone keeps sleeping through it! Kit(s) Used: [...]

A Family Affair


  We took the opportunity to also participate in runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend as a family. Joe did the half marathon, I did the Jingle Jungle 5K, and Little Man did the Kids Races. It was fun to hang all the medals up in our room. Kit(s) Used: Walt’s Park: Holiday [...]

Holiday Fun


  On one half of the spread I focused on the Christmas aspect of our trip. Since we were there after Thanksgiving Christmas was in full swing. We got to see the Osborne Family Festival of Lights and attended the first Mickey’s Very Christmas Party of the year. On the the other side I [...]

Club 33


  A surprise dinner at Club 33 in Disneyland.  How romantic.  And it is one of the best kept secrets and hardest reservation to get.  This is Walt's personal restaurant and the waiting list to buy a membership is decades long. Kit Used: Unknown kits by Shannon McNab Software: Adobe Photoshop   [...]

A Ring and Balloons


  Another magical engagement at Disney.  This time in Disneyland in New Orleans Square.  In this case engagement photos, taken by a professional phtographer in the park. Kit Used: Unknown kits by Shannon McNab Software: Adobe Photoshop  

Check In Time


  Hands down the best themed attraction in all of Walt Disney World is the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios.  From the moment you see it looming at the end of Sunset Boulevard you know something is wrong with that elevator.  As you approach it looms higher and as you cross onto the [...]

Just Past These Doors


  Love this vintage looking page for the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.  Perferct for that turn of the century Victorian look.  Even better it matches the time period for Winnie the Pooh and his friends and makes the family photos pop. Kit Used: Unknown  



  In my family Disney album I just grab the highlights from each trip. Each of the kids have the own albums that have more pictures of their experiences at Walt Disney World. But for the family Disney Album I can usually get trips onto just a couple of pages using collage templates. The [...]

Fancy Bathroom


  Disney is known for their attention to details but this may just take the cake.  If you are in the Magic Kingdom you need to head toward the Tangled themed bathrooms.  This really is over the top.  From wanted posters of the ruffians Rapunzel encounters to the ever popular frying pan weapon.  And [...]

Our Disney Side


  We have no problem embracing this when we are on vacation at a Disney Park. We all act like kids again and just have fun while we are together. In the end some of our photos just aren't quite the typical poses.  My husband actually proposed to Minnie Mouse.  While I was standing [...]

Bahama Breeze


  Nothing like stepping your tows into the ocean.  In St Augustine Florida not only can you run through the sand so can your car.  Pull right up surfside.  How about that parking spot? Kit Used: Unknown

Sweet Serenade


  Magic can happen at any time when you are at Walt Disney World.  In this case it is right in the middle of Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom.  This cast member in colonial attire serenades this lovely woman. Kit Used: None Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements   [...]

A Magical Beginning


  I think every bride wants their wedding to be magical and for a lucky few that happens in the most magical place on earth - Disney World.  In this case our bride and groom start their life together along Crescent Lake at the Boardwalk Resort. Kit Used: None Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements   [...]

It’s About Time


  One of our favorite things is to get to the Magic Kingdom before park opening to enjoy the opening ceremony.  It starts with a 'Good Morning' song/dance number but the excitement really starts when you hear the train whistle.  Then all of those wonderful characters get off the train to start the day.  [...]

Photo Bomb


  Dinosaur is one of those rides in the Animal Kingdom you either love it or hate it.  But either way the dinosaur out front has the perfect expression on his face.  You just about think he was passing by and was startled by the click of the camera. Kit Used: Unknown Software: Adobe [...]

Dining with Friends


  Always a family favorite is Winnie the Pooh's Friendship Celebration character meal at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. It is so much fun see all of our childhood friends. Kit Used: None Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements

Ariel’s Kingdom


  Beautiful teal colors highlight Ariel's fins and really make Prince Eric's castle pop in these photos from the Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid in the Magic Kingdom. Kit Used: Unknown  

Wandering the World


  Symmetry in layouts and big pictures as backgrounds always make pages pop. This one has both. The big photo of Spaceship Earth is actually the same photo, just reversed. The surrounding photos are from the some of the World Showcase Pavilions. Kit Used: None  

running Disneyland


  This layout isn’t actually a family trip. It is one that Joe went on alone. He was determined to get a runDisney Coast to Coast medal in 2012.  He had run the Disney World Half Marathon in January and and now it was time to run the Disneyland Half Marathon. In addition to [...]

Making Friends


  Going to Disney has allowed spend quality time with family and friends.  And I have even met some new friends along the way. Kit(s) Used: tags from Anchors Away (retired) by Mari Koegelenberg Gridlock 2 Template by Biografitti (no longer designing) Software: Adobe Photoshop  

One More Disney Day


  In 2012, the Magic Kingdom and Dinseyland hosted the first 'One More Disney Day' to celebrate Leap Year.  It was the first time ever that both parks were open for 24 hours straight. Kit(s) Used: Offbeat (retired) by Bella Gypsy Photo Journal Templates 1 (retired) by Scrapping With Liz Software: Adobe Photoshop  

Jammin’ With Pumba


  Head on over the Animal Kingdom for the Festival of the Lion King.  With acrobatics, singing and even a fire dancer how can you go wrong?  (did I mention the have an enormous animatronic Pumba?) Kit Used: Unknown  

In From the Rain


  Rain at Disney will drive you indoors pretty quickly.  So looking for the nearest show is always a good idea.  The Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom is always a good option as you may pass it up on a regular basis otherwise. Kit Used: Unknown  

Boardwalk Dream


  Staying at a Disney Resort is on many bucket lists.  There is just something about staying on property that makes everything a bit more magical.  One of the most popular resorts if Disney's Beach Club Resort and Villas.  Has the best pool on property and is walking distance to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. [...]

Field Trip


  There are so many excuses to go to Disney.  School field trips, like a Marching Band Parade, is just one of many reasons to head to WDW.  On this occasion you will also note the Epcot wand from the year 2000 is still in place. Kit Used: Unknown  

Icing on the Cake


  A look back in time to Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary.  It their infinite wisdom the Imagineers decided to turn Cinderella's Castle into a huge pink birthday cake.  (looks like something straight out of Candyland) Kit Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Software: Adobe Photoshop   [...]

A Little Mickey Magic


  Is is so fun to dress up for Halloween and that even goes for Mickey and Minnie.  At Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom you can meet Mickey and Minnue in their sorcerer and witch outfits. Kit Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements [...]

Just Keep Swimming


  Air conditioning and a great show.  That combination can't be beat and you will find it in the Animal Kingdom during the Finding Nemo show  Bright puppetry and catchy tunes will have you back in no time. Kit Used: Aquafantastic Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Software: Adobe Photoshop     [...]

Fish Are Friends


  Fish are friends!  That seems to be the motto in this play area at the Seas with Nemo and Friends in Epcot.  Bruce and his finned pals from Finding Nemo make great photos ops. Just watch out for those teeth. Kit Used: Aquafantastic Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Software: Adobe Photoshop [...]

Spooky Fireworks


  The must see at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom is the Hallowishes fireworks display. It is the largest fireworks display on property and is jaw dropping. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop     [...]

Boo to You


  A highlight of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom is the Boo to You Parade.  This parade is spacial and can only be seen at the party. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop   [...]

Not So Scary Party


  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is help select nights in August, September and October.  That's more than enough time to get your spooky family photo. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop    

Haunted Kingdom


  The transformation to the Magic Kingdom is amazing in family.  Perfect for Thanksgiving or Halloween. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop    

What Big Fangs You Have


  Putting together the perfect Halloween costume always comes down to the details.  Even teeth in multiple colors can make all the difference. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop    

Halloween on Main Street


  Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom take on a lot of orange during the Halloween season.  Pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop    

You Nerd


  Halloween costumes can also be hard to think of.  But a Nerd is tried and true. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop  

Boo to You Freebie


This is Halloween.  This is Halloween.  This kit can be used just for Halloween or for a Disney Party.   If you like this kit you please stop by the store and check out my other products and full Boo To You digital kit.   [...]

Classic Topiaries


Beth put together a pocket style page for Flower and Garden Festival which incorporated the following: scanned photos from 1999 which includes one of my grandmothers a piece of patterned paper I have hoarded for years my first digital overlay which I printed on vellum a Project Mouse journaling card which I printed at [...]

Flowers in Bloom


Beth put together a pocket style page for Flower and Garden Festival which incorporated the following: scanned photos from 1999 which includes one of my grandmothers a piece of patterned paper I have hoarded for years my first digital overlay which I printed on vellum a Project Mouse journaling card which I printed at [...]

Easy Being Green


  Pages don't need to be full of elements.  Sometimes simplicity is best and highlights the topic.  In this case Kermit the Frog Kit Used:Unknown Software: Microsoft Word, PicMonkey, and Picasa  

Meeting Julenissen


  One of our family's favorite things to do around the holidays at Disney is to experience Holidays Around the World in Epcot.  The world showcase storytellers share what the holidays are like in the their home countries. The best one is the story of the mischievous elf Julenissen in Norway. Kit Used: Unknown [...]

Norwegian Treat


  The Norway Pavilion in World Showcase is known for it's vikings, troll and some young ladies from Arendale.  But there is so much more to this pavilion.  You must try out the snack at Kringla Bakeri. Kit(s) Used: A View of Norway Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements A View of [...]

Growing up Troll


  Epcot Flower and Garden festival is know for their Disney themed topiaries.  But sometimes the topiares in the showcases are much more interesting.  Take this Troll in the Norway pavilion.  They actually created his hair to blow in the wind.  How about that? Kit(s) Used: A View of Norway Digital Kit filled with [...]

Stave Church


  Like many of the Epcot World Showcase, Norway was a stickler for the details.  Two prominent architectural elements are the Stave Church and Akershus.  Did you know the Stave Church is a replica of the Gol Stave Church at Bygdøy, Oslo built in 1200 a.d.? Kit(s) Used: A View of Norway Digital Kit [...]

Viking at Heart


  Everyone has to stop in the gift store in Norway.  And the merchandise there is meant to be handled.  Especially if you start to have that Viking feel.  Who can really say no to Viking horns? Kit(s) Used: A View of Norway Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements A View of [...]

Kilimanjaro Safari


  An Animal Kingdom must-do is Kilimanjaro Safari.  No safari is the same twice and getting a perfect shot of the animals is always a fun competition. Kit(s) Used: African Vacation Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements African Vacation Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop      

Dinner at Jiko


  The Animal Kingdom Lodge is like living in the park.  With animals right out this windows how could you be swayed to eat indoors?  Jiko will easily lure you into their savanna at sunset theme and the food will keep you coming back. Kit(s) Used: African Vacation Digital Kit filled with tons of [...]

Learning about the Animals


  Animal Kingdom may have some great rides and stunning landscapes but did you know you can learn a lot when you are there.  Take the time to stop and talk to the Cast Members.  They are happy to tell you all about the animals (and bugs) in their care. Kit(s) Used: African Vacation [...]

A Day at Animal Kingdom


  Animal Kingdom is so easy to capture magical photos in.  From Kilimanjaro Safari to Expedition Everest there is no limit of great photo ops. Kit(s) Used: African Vacation Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements African Vacation Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop    

Paris of Years Ago


  One of the things that makes the France pavilion in Epcot World Showcase so unique is the level of detail.  Not only do you feel like you are in Paris but the Paris from the early 1900's.  It is very nostalgic as you can see in this page. Kit(s) Used: French Holiday Digital [...]

Fountain Frolic


  Kids and fountains naturally go together.  How can they resist the running water and being able to splash around a bit.  The good news is that the France Pavilion in Epcot World Showcase has a number of large fountains.  Perfect for play! Kit(s) Used: French Holiday Digital Kit filled with tons of magical [...]

Donald on Safari


  Good food and characters 'in character''.  That is what you will find at the Tusker House breakfast in the Animal Kingdom.  And even before you are seated you get to meet Donald Duck!  Looks like he is ready for an African safari.   It is sure to be an adventure. Kit(s) Used: Back to [...]

Early Epcot Character Meet


  Mickey has always been a staple of any park visit.  When Epcot opened in the 1980's there was no way Mickey and Minnie were going to be left out of the fun.  As you can see, they look as good back then as they do today. Kit(s) Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit [...]

A Day in the Magic Kingdom


  Going to Walt Disney World is a major milestone in any kids life.  They cannot contain their excitement as they visit the Magic Kingdom for the first time and seeing the castle in the distance. Kit(s) Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Back to Basics Freebie Software: [...]

Bumping into Donald


  Sometimes you are just lucky enough to meet a character out and about.  That's the case here where we have bumped into Donald out for a stroll on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Kit(s) Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Back to Basics Freebie Software: Adobe [...]

Silly Pete’s Sideshow


  Character meets are always fun but when the characters are 'in character' it just becomes magical.  This is especially true at Pete's Silly Sideshow in the Magic Kingdom.  Here you can meet some of our favorite carnival workers: Daisy Duck as a fortune teller, Donald Duck as a snake charmer, Goofy as a [...]

Meeting Mickey


  A Disney trip is not complete without a visit with Mickey.  In this case we have headed to the Magic Kingdom and visited with Magician Mickey at Town Square Theater. Kit(s) Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Back to Basics Freebie nts Software: Adobe Photoshop [...]

French Gardens


  The France pavilion in Epcot World Showcase is know for delicate pastires, delicious ice cream and lots of wine.  But have you taken time to wander the gardens.  They are stunning.  Especially when the flowers bloom. Kit(s) Used: French Holiday Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements French Holiday Freebie Software: Adobe [...]

A Disney Thanksgiving


  Holidays are Walt Disney World are known for their magic.  Our family loves to go to Disney for Thanksgiving.  It is so wonderful to watch the park go from fall to Christmas in a blink of an eye. We make a point to see the decoration and be at the first Candlelight Processional [...]

Magical Proposal


  Once upon a time.... such the perfect way to start a fairy tale or even better, a fairy tale wedding.  I was one of those lucky few that got to start my marriage with a proposal right in front of Cinderella Castle.  In fact my husband timed it to be right before Wishes [...]

Walking Around Cars Land


  One of the best things about heading to Disneyland and California Adventure is being able to step directly into some of our favorite movies.  There is no exception for Cars Land.  You are on main street Radiator Springs.  You keep expecting Lightning McQueen or Mater to come around the corner. Kit Used: A [...]

On Our Way to Disney


  Waiting in the airport for out flight to Orlando.  Filling the time with a toddler can always be a struggle but the excitement of going to Disney makes it even harder.  Good things planes can always side track a little one. Kit Used: A Magical Journey filled with tons of magical elements Software: [...]

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