runDisney Boys Weekend


  This two page spread is a bit of a mash up of three trips. Two were ones that my husband took to Disneyland.  One was for Off to Neverland Travel business and the other was for the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. The other trip was a boys weekend for the runDisney Tower [...]

Pin Trading


  Every noticed all those people wearing lanyards covered in pins? There is s purpose beyond just collectins then - trading them!  Half the fun is meeting people and trading pins.  The best way to get started is purchase a starter kit and trade with Cast Members.  Cast Members wearing a lanyard of pins [...]

It’s A Small World


  It's a Small World in the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland is very special.  It's an attraction Walt Disney had a passion for and one that for the artist, Mary Blaire, it is her legacy.  The other thing that makes this ride unique in Disneyland is that the beginning portion is out doors. Kit [...]

Club 33


  A surprise dinner at Club 33 in Disneyland.  How romantic.  And it is one of the best kept secrets and hardest reservation to get.  This is Walt's personal restaurant and the waiting list to buy a membership is decades long. Kit Used: Unknown kits by Shannon McNab Software: Adobe Photoshop   [...]

A Ring and Balloons


  Another magical engagement at Disney.  This time in Disneyland in New Orleans Square.  In this case engagement photos, taken by a professional phtographer in the park. Kit Used: Unknown kits by Shannon McNab Software: Adobe Photoshop  

running Disneyland


  This layout isn’t actually a family trip. It is one that Joe went on alone. He was determined to get a runDisney Coast to Coast medal in 2012.  He had run the Disney World Half Marathon in January and and now it was time to run the Disneyland Half Marathon. In addition to [...]