Dino Dig


  The next day we spend the day at Animal Kingdom.  Again, we spend the time getting to know some of the Character but the highlight was The Boneyard. When you enter The Boneyard you will find yourself in a play area much like of the Honey I Shrunk the Audience play area.  It [...]

Kali River Rapids


  To kick off our trip my husband decided to drive to Disney. This is a 16 hour trip and we did make one stop near Biloxi for the night. Here we did make a boo-boo. We accidentally left Little Man’s favorite stuffed animal in the hotel room. He eventually made his way home [...]

Photo Bomb


  Dinosaur is one of those rides in the Animal Kingdom you either love it or hate it.  But either way the dinosaur out front has the perfect expression on his face.  You just about think he was passing by and was startled by the click of the camera. Kit Used: Unknown Software: Adobe [...]

Just Keep Swimming


  Air conditioning and a great show.  That combination can't be beat and you will find it in the Animal Kingdom during the Finding Nemo show  Bright puppetry and catchy tunes will have you back in no time. Kit Used: Aquafantastic Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Software: Adobe Photoshop     [...]