Castle Pocket Page


  Great layout using pocket pages to make a huge title page for your album.  This one is just a full page of cards that make up a full image of Cinderella Castle in teh Magic Kingdom. Kit Used: Unknown  

First Sight


  My favorite traditional page? It’s currently this one about my 4 year old’s first glimpse of the Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom from atop Dad’s shoulders. Kit Used: Unknown  

Cinderella Castle


  Disney photos are usually full of bright colors and can be a little busier with all the background, etc, so I try extra hard to make sure the focus is on my photos and they don’t get overwhelmed on the page.  This is evident on this page where Cinderella Castle in the Magic [...]

A Day in the Magic Kingdom


  Going to Walt Disney World is a major milestone in any kids life.  They cannot contain their excitement as they visit the Magic Kingdom for the first time and seeing the castle in the distance. Kit(s) Used: Back to Basics Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Back to Basics Freebie Software: [...]