Batter Up


As the weather became better and better we began to spend more time outside. On this day I pulled up after work to find all the boys in the backyard teaching Mr J to play baseball.  As any good Mom would do I quickly pulled out a camera and began shooting. As you can [...]

Adoption Updates


  Waiting for Mr T was the hardest part.  We were provided monthly updates that included 3 photos and if we were lucky a one minute video.   Unfortunately these updates didn’t come every month – but you would hope. In essence we watched our son grow up 3 photos at a time. These [...]

Christmas at Home


  Like most Holidays we are pretty low key.  Our Christmas is no exception.  Christmas Eve we get the boys brand new pajamas and sit around watching Christmas movies (some are classic but in our family Die Hard is also a valid option). If we are in Houston for Christmas we get up early [...]

Autumn Fun


Living in Houston we don’t get much Fall like weather so when we do we run outdoors.  On this day we headed to Duessen Park on Lake Houston and started out the morning to try our hand at geocaching.  This was our first and last attempt at this. Mr J is just a bit [...]

Happy Halloween


  The first couple of photos I share are Mr J the budding photographer.  Since I have taken so many photos of him he thought it was only fair to return the favor.  As a present I got him a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera and he carried it everywhere. Unfortunately that camera [...]

Beach Break


  The first page has a couple of miscellaneous photos and then beach photos from our road trip to Walt Disney World. This was the first time Mr J saw the ocean. He was impressed and started playing in the sand right away. I wanted him to dip his toes in the Gulf of [...]

Easter Egg Hunt


  This page is Easter at our house. This year is the first time Mr J understood that finding eggs was the goal and there was candy inside each one of them. As soon as he got up he raced around and found them all before my husband had even gotten up. He was [...]

Just a Boy


  I start with a hodge podge page of miscellaneous photo of springtime activities. Everything from a spring snow in Syracuse, NY to helping Dad with yard work is included. My favorite photos are the ones where Mr J is playing at the neighborhood fountain. That day he felt so empowered as he was [...]

Children’s Museum


  Our second big outing was to the Houston Children’s Museum. To be honest Mr J was a bit to young for the activities inside but once we headed outside he was in his elements. There were tons of water based experiments to work with. His favorite one was the area that allowed them [...]

Blueberry Picking


  Today I am sharing a couple of activities during the summer month’s here in Houston. The first page is blueberry picking. Blueberry picking is big in Houston and is seen as a real family outing. Everyone get’s into the act and this day was no different. Even the grandparents joined us in picking [...]



  This page is filled with some miscellaneous photos from early that year. We have creating art on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, playing in the fountain down the street (all the little boys were doing this), and getting to know the family cat.. Kit Used:Minted template(retired) and Hopscotch Kit (retired) by Mye De [...]

Fall Colors


  This first page if from one of our days at the local park. This is when he was just getting big enough to start being independent and taking on the slides by himself. My favorite part of this page is photo on the lower right. We were having so much fun that neither [...]

Outdoor Fun


  This page shows what his big birthday gift was. If you live in a Houston suburb you have one of these in the back yard.  Mr. J was in heaven when he first saw it and wanted to do everything all at once. He spend hours just climbing up and down the stairs. [...]

Turning 2


  I am  working on my Mr J’s 2012 album and documenting his 2nd birthday. I promise Disney pages soon but right now I am still trying to catch up. This first page is his actual birthday party. We just had immediate family and it was perfect. Mr. J chose a Disney Cars theme [...]

Hanging With Dad


  One of the special things they did together was head over to Legoland Florida for the day.  This was the first time for both Dad and Little J. Little J LOVED it!  This park was for him.  There were only 2 rides he could not ride. His favorite ride was Lego Car Race.  [...]



  A lot of people are adding a day to their Disney vacations to head over to Universal Studios to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  This truly immersive environment begins even befor you enter Hogwarts. Kit Used: Unknown  

A Magical Beginning


  I think every bride wants their wedding to be magical and for a lucky few that happens in the most magical place on earth - Disney World.  In this case our bride and groom start their life together along Crescent Lake at the Boardwalk Resort. Kit Used: None Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements   [...]

What Big Fangs You Have


  Putting together the perfect Halloween costume always comes down to the details.  Even teeth in multiple colors can make all the difference. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop    

You Nerd


  Halloween costumes can also be hard to think of.  But a Nerd is tried and true. Kit(s) Used: Boo to You Digital Kit filled with tons of magical elements Boo to You Freebie Software: Adobe Photoshop  

Easy Being Green


  Pages don't need to be full of elements.  Sometimes simplicity is best and highlights the topic.  In this case Kermit the Frog Kit Used:Unknown Software: Microsoft Word, PicMonkey, and Picasa