Project Description


Once upon a time, my husband and Mr J drove from Houston to Syracuse (I agree – I also question my husband’s sanity of taking a 3 yo on a 20+ hour car ride).  Along the way he had two goals 1) go to a Cincinnati Reds game and 2) take the Makers Mark Distillery tour.

He succeeded at both but I only got photo from the latter.  Makers Mark does allow kids on the tour but since this was not going to be that entertaining for a 3 yo her let John have the camera to capture the tour.

So you have a bourbon tour from the perspective of a 3 you in front of you.  I have been told he made friends with female college age tour guides and was the life of the tour.

My husband enjoyed learning about the distilling process.  Specifically about the angels share (the bourbon that evaporates) and the devils cut (the bourbon that soaks into the oak barrels).  He also loved getting to try the clear Markers Mark called Maker’s White.

Favorite Memory: Hearing about the cat that followed them throughout the tour.  I added one photo to the page but on the photo card their had to be 10-15 photos of that darn cat.  It seems the cat took quite a shine to Mr J.

Kit Used:

Software: Adobe Photoshop