Project Description


Visiting Aunt Cat in Washington DC

On the way to Syracuse the boys hit the Maker’s Mark Distillery and on the way home they invaded Washington DC and descended upon Aunt Cat and her 450 square foot condo.  The highlights of this quick trip were a night game at a Washington Nationals game and a visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

At the Nationals game, Aunt Cat talked Joe into ordering food using an app on the phone.  You could order anything in the park and it would be delivered straight to your seat.  Joe thought this was wonderful! Much better than standing in line(s) with a toddler.

When they went to order Mr J told them he was not hungry so they only ordered hot dogs for themselves.  Bad move… once the food arrived Mr J proceeded to eat half of each of their hot dogs. Teaches them to not order for everyone.

The following day they headed over for a quick trip to the Smithsonial Air and Space Museum.  Typically this is a one or more day museum but they only had a couple of hours.

In that time Mr J did con Aunt Cat into buying her a cool rocket.  They barely got past the door before he had to open it.

Favorite Memory: I was told the best moment was entering the Air and Space Museum.  They walked into the first room and Mr J just stopped and looked up at the rockets.  He was speechless.

Kit Used:

  • Project Grids Template by Amy Martin (no longer designs)
  • Carry On Kit (retired) by Tracy Stroud Designs

Software: Adobe Photoshop