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Disney Scrapbooking Page Layout - Hanging with Mom at Disney using Pocket Style Scrapbooking


One of the luxuries of my husband being a Disney travel agent is that their annual conferences are held at Walt Disney World or at another Disney property.  That means I get to go as a spouse and relax while he is in meetings all day.

On this trip I got the chance to spend some one on one time with Mr J.  Thank goodness Disney Photopass photographers were there to capture the magic of this time together.

Because it was just us we did a lot of stopping smell the roses.  Of course we also got to visit with some of our favorite characters.

Favorite Moment: Meeting Mickey at Town Square Theatre.  Instead of hugging him or asking for an autograph, My J gave Mickey his pressed penny that he had just gotten somewhere on main street.  Mickey was taken a bit a back but as you can see Mr J was just so happy to give it to him.

Mom Tip: We spent the afternoon in Hollywood Studios and Mr J LOVED the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area.  I also got into the action and would run around the play area with him.  A word of warning about Disney play areas in general, if they have a climbing area – leave it to the kids.

  • Honey I Shrink the Kids Spider Web – You can follow your kids up the spider web rope climb but it is made for little legs and by the time we reached the top my legs were killing me.  The Mom behind me and I agreed that this was something not to be done again and we griped all the way down.

  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant Trapeze – There is actually a sign here that says it for younger kids only.  The Cast Member let me follow Mr J up since he was little but I found out that he should not have done that.   Going up was fine but then walking over a rope bridge I realized it was getting smaller.  By the time I reached the platform to climb down I felt like Alice after having the ‘eat me’ cookie.  I barely fit and the climb down was very awkward.  Not lady like at all.

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Software: Adobe Photoshop