Project Description

Scrapbooking Page Layout - Playing at the Park Using Project Life and Pocket Style Scrapbooking


This first page if from one of our days at the local park. This is when he was just getting big enough to start being independent and taking on the slides by himself.

My favorite part of this page is photo on the lower right. We were having so much fun that neither of us had noticed he say in a fire ant hill. That smile quickly turned to tears but after mom crushed him off he was back to smiles an kept on playing.

As you can see I am embracing Project Life or Pocket Style Scrapbooking. I am finding it really does help me scrap faster and I love that the focus is back on the photos. With one piece of paper, a journal card, and a couple of embellishments and I am done.

Kit Used:

  • Minted template(retired) and Hopscotch Kit (retired) by Mye De Leon

Software: Adobe Photoshop