Project Description

Disney Scrapbooking Page Layout - Animal Kingdom with a Toddler using Pocket Style Scrapbooking


The next day we spend the day at Animal Kingdom.  Again, we spend the time getting to know some of the Character but the highlight was The Boneyard. When you enter The Boneyard you will find yourself in a play area much like of the Honey I Shrunk the Audience play area.  It is filled with slides and things to climb.

You can also take a stairway and bridge to another part of The Boneyard.  Here you will find the greatest dig zone ever!! The kids are digging up the skeleton of a dinosaur using shovels and pails.

Favorite Moment: Watching Mr J make sure every kid had a shovel and a pail.  It was fun watching him take control of the situation.

Mom Tips:

  • The ‘sand’ is not sand.  It is actually small stones.  So you won’t have to deal with sand all over everything when you leave.  Very nice.
  • The Cast Members do their best to keep the ‘sand’ clean but you should know there is a chance your child will find a dead lizard in there.   They say they find about 5 a day.

Kit Used:

Software: Adobe Photoshop