Celebrating a Birthday Party at the Porter Fire Department

Porter Fire Department

This past weekend Mr J was a guest at his friend’s birthday party.  It was held just north of Houston at the Porter Fire Department.

A Bit about Porter Fire Department

Porter Fire Department (photo credit: Porter Fire Department)

Porter Fire Department (photo credit: Porter Fire Department)

Located just outside of Houston in Montgomery County the Porter Fired Department is responsible for 52 square miles with over 30,000 residents.

They provide structural fire protection, basic rescue services, 1st responder, water rescue, wild land firefighting, fire prevention, and fire education services.

They also give back to the community through fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention and safety education.

Basically, they do it all.

Porter Fire Department Training Facility (photo credit: Porter Fire Department)

Porter Fire Department Training Facility (photo credit: Porter Fire Department)

On this day instead of handling an emergency they got to handle over 20 4 and 5 year olds – a majority were boys.  (I think they earned their pay.)

This was probably one of the best run birthday parties I have been too and if they idea had not already been used I would be scheduling Mr J’s there immediately.  I would also look at this as an option for any group of children.

1. Fun for All

Hands down this was fun for the kids and adults.  You get to play with real fire engines!!  (if there are no emergency calls that is)

Porter Fire Department

At the Porter Fire Department they let you have full access.  You could easily find just has many Dads climbing all over the equipment as kids.  I think I enjoyed exploring all of the compartments to see what they carried with the on each call.  Mr J’s highlight was climbing into the driver seat.

Porter Fire Department - Sitting in the Drivers Seat

After you climbed all over their 3 fire trucks they brought out the hose.

Yes! Each child had the chance to hold the water hose, turn it on, aim it and then turn it off.  They tried to talk some of the parents into being the targets but there were no takers this day.

Porter Fire Department - Holding a Fire Hose

2. Educational

Not only did the kids have fun but they also learned a lot.  They had one of the firemen dress up in all his gear to show the kids they did not have to be afraid of them.

Porter Fire Department  Fireman

They also took the time to explain to the kids that in a fire you should get to the ground and pound on the floor to call for help.  I was lucky enough to capture this on video (sorry for the poor audio – still learning).

At the end of the party each kid was sent home with their own firefighter badge, pencil and coloring book full of safety tips.

Porter Fire Department

3. Very Well Paced

They kids never sat still.  They firemen kept them moving from activity to activity.  The party was only 3 hours long and we just about forgot the pizza and cake.

Porter Fire Department

There was no milling around or idle hands to get in trouble.  In fact I don’t think I heard one kids get reprimanded the entire time.  It was quite refreshing.


Mr J was more than excited about the party.  He came home obsessed with playing firefighter for the remainder of the weekend.  Everything was on fire and he would then use the fire house to put it out.

This was one of the best party setups I have seen and I would definitely look to your local fire department if you are thinking of scheduling an event for kids.