I have been thinking about the rides that someone in our party will not ride and always causes controversy and ribbing.

Out Top 3 Don't Do's at Disney

So here are the top 3 rides that are skipped or brought into question each trip…

#1 Dinosaur

Two members of our party do not like to go on this ride that takes you back to the time Dinosaurs walked the earth and the impending meteor storm that took them out.

My eldest does not like the ride due to loud noises and fear factor.  I do not like the ride because the ride vehicle bounces you around to the point I feel battered when I step off the ride.  Because two of us don’t like the ride we seldom do it.

Top Disney Must Don't Dos - Dinosaur at Hollywood Studios

#2 Tower of Terror

This elevator with a mind of it’s own that free falls 13 floors and then goes back up for another round is not a favorite of my eldest.   On many of occasions he has made it to the doors of the ride elevator to then take the chicken exit.  He has taken the plunge once and swears never again.

We work around this by letting him ride Rock ‘n Roller Coaster while we ride Terror.  Don’t ask me why the roller coaster doesn’t scare him – how am I to understand.

Top Disney Must Don't Dos - Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios

#3 Splash Mountain

You may question this one which is also why it is the one that causes the most discussion each trip. You see this innocent log flume ride through the story of Brer Rabbit has it out for me.  Yes, I believe it is personal.

I can go on this ride and be hit not once, but twice by water cannons.  Then get really drenched on the final drop.  All the while those riding with me are dry as a bone.

And let me tell you I DO NOT LIKE walking around with wet underwear so I refuse to go on this ride ever again.  It’s sad as I really like it but until the ride apologizes and says it will not do it again I stay out of the briar patch.

Top Disney Must Don't Dos - Splash Mountain

I hope you enjoyed our family’s list of weenie rides.  What is on your list of won’t do’s.

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