The number one question about scrapbooking and album making is where do I begin?  People are overwhelmed by the number of photos they have and are scared off by the daunting task of trying to get them into albums (scrapbook or traditional).

I am right there with you.  I have let my photos get away from me and I now am taking a step back and working on organizing my photos so I can scrapbook.

In a previous post I talked about organizing photo.  That article dealt with just organizing them on your computer so you could find them. Now I am working on organizing them for my albums.

Organizing Your Photos for Stress Free Scrapbooking

Organizing photos for your albums is critical to your success.  If you don’t do this you are always wasting time organizing then every time you begin to scrap.

You should be organizing them before you even look at an album so that when you do begin creating that scrapbook or photos album you can complete it quickly and with a lot less stress.

You can organize your photos by following these three steps:

1. COPY Photos You Want to Use into Staging Folder

  • Create a folder for the album you will be making.  It could be an event “Disney Vacation 2012″, a person “Grandma”, or a time frame “Summer 2012″.  It really is up to you how you structure it as it is your album after all.
  • Copy ONLY the photos you want to use in your album into the folder.  This is a chance to weed out photos that aren’t applicable or are duplicated. The key word here is COPY.  This way you can work with the photos without the worry of losing them.  (Many photo management software comes with the functionality of making albums where the original photo remains safe in a folder)

Organizing Your Photos for Stress Free Scrapbooking - Create a Folder for Each Album

2. Crop, Edit, and Fix Photos

  • Take this time to crop the photos as you think you may want to use them.  Also if you want to fix anything like color, lighting, etc, do that now.  The good news is you can always change your mind later as the original has been kept sage in a separate location.

Organizing Your Photos for Stress Free Scrapbooking - Crop and Edit Your Photos

3. Move Photos into Staging Folders For Each Page

  • Create subfolders for each page of this album.
  • Now move the photos into each folder until they are all allocated out.
  • You may decide to remove or add photos at this time as you see what the pages may look like.
  • If you are making a traditional scrapbook or traditional photo album you can print these photos now and put them in envelops marked for each album/page.

Organizing Your Photos for Stress Free Scrapbooking - Create Subfolders for Each Page

Now you are ready!   When it is time to scrap you just pull up one of these folder or envelopes and you are ready to go.  No worry if you stop and start – you will always know where you are and can quickly get going again.

How do you make scrapbooking or album making easier?
Leave a comment below and tell us.

The fun part is that as you complete a page delete that folder.  That way you see your progress and you know you are accomplishing your quest to preserve your memories.

I hope this has shown you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you just plan a bit for it.

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