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I was trying to think of a Disney Villain and I kept thinking of villains I may see in a park.  Then I remembered a story about my son on his first visit to Disney and I had it – DISNEY DUCKS!
 Disney World Ducks - Cude and Cuddly or Evil Masterminds

They look so innocent and cute.  You think ‘wow, they have the life‘ but take a closer look.  They are actually a well organized criminal syndicate with the main purpose of separating you from your food.  My son was a victim of these villains.   He was eating a hot dog when one duck drew his attention in one direction while another one snuck up behind and snatched it away!!!

There are two main areas of where you are most vulnerable to these attacks.  The first is in the eating area next to Casey’s Corner.  They congregate here looking so cute and cuddly but then use a mob tactic to overwhelm you in numbers.  (look – you can see that woman in white being drawn in to their cuteness while the others mobilize to run through the bars for quick smash and grab of hot dog buns)

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Caseys Corner - Disney Ducks

Casey’s Corner

Another area you need to watch is in Epcot near Canada.  These ducks seem to have a preference for french fries.  These ducks are relentless in their tactics.  They have actually been known to nip at toes of sandal wearing guests causing the guest to jump and fries to fly.  Also be aware that these ducks hide over the grassy knoll towards the lake so you may not see all of them.

This is a Disney World safety concern that is of great importance to me.  By just taking simple precautions and being vigilant you can avoid the indignity of losing your food to a duck.  And remember – there are always more lying in wait!

Have you ever had a run in with these quiet villains of the Walt Disney Parks?

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