During our last family trip to Disney World during the 2010 holiday season we stumbled into the tiny shop where one can purchase custom embroidered classic mickey ear caps. It is aptly named “The Mad Hatter”.

We must have been waiting for a parade to start or collecting ourselves as we first entered the Magic Kingdom. In any case, we had a blast trying all the hats on and ended up purchasing some. We did not get them custom embroidered but there were many parents with younger children waiting to do so.

I wondered why I had never thought to do that – I guess I never paid close attention to the caps. I seem to remember as a young girl visiting Disneyland that they never stayed on my head and I probably didn’t want to end up carrying them through the park as my children were sure to take them off and say,”here Mom,, will you carry these.” Perhaps today they have some super cool newfangled way for them to stay on!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Sharon - Teens trying on different Disney Ears and Hats

After trying on all types of hats, my 20 year old son decided on a Mad Hatter tall hat complete with orange wig. he announced he was getting it & my response was, “I’m not carrying THAT through the park so you have to wear it!” A little defensive on my part but the hat was big! He was fine with it and ended up wearing it a few more times back at college for various parties and such.

My daughter & I settled on classic Minnie Mouse ears. We wore them pretty much all day & I loved our family photos taken in them. Who says teens don’t have fun in Disney World?Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Sharon - Family photo in front of Cinderella's Castles wearing Mickey Ears

I felt a little twinge of sadness over the passing of time and missed opportunities as I watched all the younger parents placing the oh-so-adorable custom caps on the downy heads of their children.  However, I felt fortunate to be able to enjoy that day with my grown children, without the stroller AND carrying their stuff!

If you have older children I would encourage you to seek out these opportunities and don’t assume your child has grown out of certain attractions at Disney – they just might surprise you!

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