Bookmark Card Tutorial + FREE Printable

Personalized Bookmark Card Tutorial - free printable and svg

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Yellow. Today we are sharing Mother’s Day gift ideas, crafts, and recipes.

I am always looking for cards that are easy to mail to the grandparents but still stand out.  Today we’ll be creating this simple to make bookmark/card that let’s the kids (human or fur) be the focus.

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You are going to need the following:

  • Ribbon – About 12 inches of a ribbon of your choice (1/2 inch wide maximum)
  • Adhesives – Double Sided Tape and/or Glue
  • Paper – 1 piece of solid cardstock to print the pattern on and scrap paper for embellishments (optional)
  • Tools – Scissors and punches (optional)
  • Cute Photo – 2.5 inches square
  • Printer – home printer to print pattern
  • Personal Cutter – Cricut or other personal cutter to Print and Cut the patter (optional)

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Supplies

Step 1:  Cut Out all the Parts

Option 1 – Use the Printable

I have included a printable with this posts.  You can print this on your home computer and just cut it out.  I do recommend using thicker craft paper or cardstock.  I personally use Hammermill Color Copy 80 lb and have had no problem with printing or holding up in my projects.

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Use this free printable for this Mother's Day Bookmark to make one of a kind personalized cards for all of the mother figures in your life.


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I have also included a template to make a matching envelope. In the end I did not use it because I wanted to add in additional photos of the kids with the cards.  A regular envelope worked just fine.

Option 2 – Print and Cut using a Personal Cutter

If you are a newsletter subscriber you can go to the Magical Tutorials page and download the Mother’s Day Bookmark Elements.

I use a Cricut Explore and Cricut Design Space™ to make my bookmark.  One you load the elements make sure that the bookmark outline is 5.5 inches high.  You should easily be able to manipulate the heart and label to fit.

I did not include text in the element files.  This will allow you to write your own message and repurpose this project for multiple occasions. (baby announcement seems like a good one)

Using your personal cutter (I use a Cricut Explore™) print the pattern out on your personal printer.  Like with the printable above, I recommend a higher weight paper like Hammermill Color Copy 80 lb .

Once you have printed all of the element, have your personal cutter print them out for your.  Boy do I LOVE print and cut.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Cricut Print and Cut

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Mother's Day Bookmark Card Element for Print and Cut
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Once you have all of the elements cut out find that adorable photo to add to the bookmark.  Be it kids or cats or dogs – they are all precious!

Photo Dimensions: Cut the photo into a square approximately 2.5 inches wide.  Makes sure the focus of the photo is centered and fits within these dimensions: 1.75 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Assembling the Parts

All the elements ready to be assembles.

Step 2 – Add the Photo

The first step to assembling the bookmark is to add the photo.  After trial and error I recommend running the ribbon through the slat on the front of the card BEFORE you adhere the photo.  Trust me.

Once you have the ribbon through add a small strip of double sided tape to each side of the heart opening.  CAREFULLY center the photo and adhere to the bookmark.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Adding the Ribbon

Adhere the photo AFTER running the ribbon through.

Step 3 : Put the Halves Together

Just like with the photos you will want to run the ribbon through the slat on the back of the bookmark before closing it.  Again, just use a bit of double sided tape to keep the halved together.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Putting the Front and Back Together

Run the ribbon through the back side before closing.

I left the holes in the top of the card in case people wanted to use it.  I found I didn’t need it.

After running the ribbon through the two slats I just tied a tight know at the top of the bookmark.  It covers up the holes but still leaves them as an option.

Step 4 : Decorate the Front

Once you have the two halves together, flip the bookmark over so the front is showing.  Using an adhesive (I recommend a glue pen) attach the heart in your choice of blue or pink to the bookmark to frame the photo.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Adding the Heart

Add the heart frame

You can them embellish the frame in any manner you like.  Add bling or washi tap.  Let your imagination go wild.

In this case I let Mr J pull out a mini butterfly paper punch and punch out colorful butterflies using scrap pieces of paper.  Using the pen adhesive and tweezer he decorated away.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Add Embelishments

Add embellishments

Step 5 : Finish Up the Back

Once you have finished the front flip the bookmark over and add the Mother’s Day label.  You can also decorate the back but there is room enough to write a note or let the kids sign the card themselves.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - Finsihing the Back

Finish it up with a short handwritten note

Once you are all done you have this wonderful personalized gift any mom would love.  You can add it to the fridge, hang it at the office or use it as a bookmark as it was intended.

Mothers Day Card Bookmark Tutorial - The Finished Product

A beautiful personalized card

This project is very easy and is great to have the kids help you with.

Let them run away with their imagination. Use different punches and textiles. Just have fun.

I hope you enjoy it and make others smile when they see their personalized card with their loved ones looking back.

What is your favorite homemade gift?

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Personalized Bookmark Card Tutorial - free printable and svg

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