In the past I used a company to actually print on the spines of my albums so I could easily find an album on my book shelf.   Three things have made me look to other ways of doing this:

  • Availability – With the end of Creative Memories has we used to know it access to embossing has been greatly decreased.  Where it used to be easy to send off your spines to Persona you now have to look for a printer in town who may or may not be familiar with spine printing.
  • Cost – Getting someone to emboss your spines is very difficult and usually requires you to send the spine off to someone which means not only do you pay for the printing but also shipping both ways.
  • Functionality – Once you print on a spine you can’t change it.   This could be a problem if your rearrange albums (I did and now an album is miss labeled) or if you want to label an album that isn’t quite finished yet.

So I headed out to Pinterest and found this inspiration. From this I came up with three different options for labeling your spines.

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Option 1: Make It From Scratch

This is the quickest option and one you could easily change as you albums evolve.  I use these on my albums that are still in process.

Supplies for the sample label:

  • Circle Punch in 2 Sizes – I used my Create Memories Circle Maker but any circle cutter that provides two sizes will work. (a 1.25 inch punch and a 1.5 inch punch seem to work best)
  • Hole Punch – I used a rectangle shaped hole punch but I any hole punch would do.
  • Paper Trimmer (not shown) – A paper trimmer is handy but not necessary.  Scissors would do just fine.
  • Adhesive – I used my Xyron Sticker Maker (I am too lazy to cut tape these days)  but you can use whatever you prefer.
  • Ribbon – You need about 2.5 feet of ribbon to tie around a 12×12 album spine.
  • Scrap Paper – You don’t need much so any scraps will work just fine.

Assembling the label:

  • Cut out 1” x 2.5” Rectangle – Using scissors or the paper trimmer cut out a rectangle for the base of the label.  The shape is up to you but leave a little room at the top and bottom for the holes. Note: This size works well with the 1.5 inch hole punch and looks the right size on the spine.
  • Punch Holes for the Ribbon – Using any shape hole punch add a hole at the top and bottom of the rectangle.
  • Punch our 2 Circles – Make two circles or any shape of your choice (looking at it stars may have been nice for this album). Make sure one shape is a bit larger than the other to provide a frame around the smaller one.
  • Write The Album Title – On the smaller circle write the title for the label.  In this case I added the start date of the album but not the end date because I was still working on it.
  • Glue It All Together – Using the Xyron sticker maker (or other adhesive) put the pieces together and then tie it on the spine.

Option 2: Use a Personal Cutter

In this day and age of personal cutters you really can make anything you want.  So try using your personal cutter (like the Cricut Explore™) to create your own labels or if you are a newsletter subscriber use the ones I have created for you.

Example 1: Using the Cut Feature Alone

In this example I used the Cricut Explore™ to cut the label just as designed.  Then used a marker to add the dates. (By the way, this one has some really really tiny Mickey that are gorgeous)

Example 2: Combine with Print and Cut

In this example I used the SVG file for base and then used element in Cricut Design Space™ to create a baby book spine label.

It includes toy blocks, a rattle, my son’s name and date of birth.  Once created I combined these element and used the Cricut Explore™ to print and cut. These labels are easy to make. The first two options can have you done in no time!

Option 3: Use a Quick and Easy Printable

If you want the easiest option, then use a printable to make the spine labels.  Once you print these out all you have to do is write on your title and cut them out.  The holes for the ribbon can be a bit tricky so cut with care.

And the beautiful thing is if I ever get tired of them or come up with a better idea I can change them. No more permanent spines! I hope you enjoyed this idea and it gives you ideas for your albums! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

DIY Album Spine Labels - Printable LAbel