Tips for Participating in the runDisney Kids Races

A Look at the runDisney Kids RacesWhen we were first exposed to runDisney as a family Little Man was just 2 years old.  We quickly learned that runDisney events are definitely for the entire family – and that includes the toddler set.

runDisney Kids Races  are geared to children 14 and under.  You will notice there is no minimum age requirement so everyone is invited.  They all take place at ESPN Wide World of Sports down on the lower lever Track and Field Complex.

runDisney Kids Races are geared for the different age group.

  • 12 months and under – Diaper Dash for crawlers
  • 1-3 years old – 100m dash
  • 4-6 years old – 200m dash
  • 7-8 years old – 400m dash
  • Mickey Mile – Open to all children 13 years old & under

When you arrive on location you will pass the Expo center and proceed down the stairs towards the track and field.  You will be inside the track so think of a huge corral with people everywhere.

When you picked up your race packet at the Expo there was a race bib for the child and a detachable wrist band with the bib number. At this time make sure the child is wearing the race bib and you are wearing the wrist band.  This is for kid retrieval later.

runDisney Kids Races - Bib

Prior to the event starting there will be a party led by a DJ in the center of the field playing music, teaching dances, making announcements, etc.  They will also be shooting video there so if you don’t want you kid on film stay away from that area.

There is only one finish line so the starting gates are different for each dash.  Once it gets closer to race time they will start having people arrange themselves at the starting lines.

For first timers this could freak you out.  When you get to your starting line you will quickly realize that there is no way everyone can start at the same time.  Good news is they don’t.

runDisney Kids Races have rolling starts beginning with the 100m dash followed by the 200m, 400m and Diaper Dash.  Within each dash you may have up to 8 waves.  This will look like organized chaos when you first see it but you soon realize you will be with the next group running when you reach your start line after previous waves have left.

Parents are allowed to run with their children.  This is a definite must for the younger kids.  Hint:  If you are running with your kid and holding their hand you will be running hunched over so don’t wear a backpack – lesson learned the hard way.

runDinsey Kids Races - running the 100m Dash

But if your kid wants to run alone do not worry at all.  Once the child has run their race they are funneled into a smaller corral.  The only way out is through shoots (yes, I am keeping the cattle theme going) where a Cast Member will not let them leave unless they are with an adult wearing the matching wrist band to that race bid.

So be comfortable that in all this chaos you child is pretty safe.

runDisney Kids Races - 100m Dash Finish Line

runDisney Kids Dashes Race Participants Receive (*Mickey Mile Participants Only)

  • runDisney Kids Races T-shirt
  • Finisher medallion
  • Personalized bib (if they register by a cut off date)
  • Post-race refreshments
  • Mickey Mile Finisher Certificate*
  • ChronoTrack B-tag timed race*

The kids have a blast.  To them it is freedom and accomplishment.

[quote]You will love seeing their faces light up when they cross the finish line and see Mickey there for the high five.[/quote]

runDisney Kids Races - Mickey at the Finish Line

These events to fill up quickly so pre-registration is recommended but sometimes you can register on site.

This has become one of our favorite activities to do with Little Man so I hope you think about entering your kids the next time.

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