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Any stay at Walt Disney World is sure to be a magical one but getting a room in the “right” location for your family makes it even more so.   The resorts have made it harder these days to get the room you want but there is still a way.  But before that, let’s think about what the perfect room location is for you and your family.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Room

The first thing I do when I decide which resort we will be staying at is to google for the resort map.  Once I have that in front of me I start to figure out what is the best location for this trip.  When choosing a room look at things that matter most to you and your family.  Would it matter if you were…

  • Close to the Lobby/Restaurants – This location is great if you know you will be making frequent trips to the lobby area for food or to refill those cute mugs.  There is also typically shopping and an arcade here.  Lots of times the closest rooms are classified preferred.  But if you look carefully at the maps you can request a standard room that is pretty close too.
  • Close to the Bus Stop – This helps if you do not have a car.  And note: the bus stops may or may not be close to the Lobby/Restaurants.
  • Close to the Main Pool – This helps if you know you will be coming back in those afternoon hours for a dip.
  • Close to a Quiet Pool – If you are traveling without kids or with toddlers sometimes the quiet pool is the better choice.
  • Close to the Laundry Room – This is great for those of you with young children and toddlers.  Odds are you’ll find your way there eventually.  It also is helpful if you don’t want to pay those pesky luggage fees.
  • Close to a Playground – Some children need to let off steam and run around. (this was a must for mine this last trip)
  • Upper or Lower Floor – If you have a preference, note it.
  • Further away from High Traffic Areas – This is great for those light sleepers.

Making a Room Request

There are a couple of ways to make a request; some of them easier than others.

At time of Booking

If there is a specific booking category that will get you the location you want you will want to definitely grab it at time of booking.  Disney will not move you to that area unless you have that category booked.

Typically these are: ‘preferred rooms’ that are located near the lobby area or ‘water view/pool view rooms’ that have that specific view.  There are also some specialty rooms like ‘pirate room’ at Caribbean Beach Resort and ‘princess room’ at Port Orleans Riverside. 

At time of Online Check In

You can check into your resort as far ahead as 60 days out.   At this time you can request up to 2 basic room requests that are specific to that resort.  Examples are: Upper floor, Ground floor, Large Balcony, Near Elevator.  If these requests meet your needs you are ready to check in.

If these requests do not meet your needs, do not check in on-line.   It is better to make a request directly with the hotel and check in in person.  If you do check in online and send in a request the systems get confused and you have a chance of getting none of your requests. 

By Phone up to 5 Days before arrival

If you are specific about where you would like to stay (like I am) the best way is to call in and have your request added directly to your reservation. This should be done prior to 5 days prior to arrival because at 5 days out the reservations are transferred to the hotel for allocation.

The number you should call is 407-939-7630.  If you have special requests due to a disability, you can call 407-939-7807.

Some tips on making requests.  Keep them to 2-3 request and don’t make them too specific (i.e. a specific room number).   Try something like – I would like to be in the XXXX section of the resort with a room facing XXXX.  Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Disney’s All Star Sports – Football section, ground floor, near transportation.  This will get you close to the lobby without being preferred, close to the bus stop and typically very quiet.
  • Disney’s Pop Century – 70’s section, facing the water.  This give you the closest section to the lobby and transportation you can have without being preferred.  And since it is closer to the lake you have good access to the skyliners and Art of Animation.

At Time of Check-In

The final option is to gamble and make a request at time of check-in. This is most valuable if you are looking to change room categories or have a medical limitation that may require a specific request.

I also do prefer this if I have made request by phone so I can be assured I got what I asked for. Remember that Disney does not guarantee room request so you may not get what you ask for.  If you haven’t talk nicely with the desk cast member and they may be able to make some magic.

I would love to know some of your favorite requests and why.  Please add them below.

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For More Information

Shannon of WDW Prep SchoolShannon of WDW Prep School has a great article describing the online request options for each resort.  She has done a lot of research that will make it easy for you.

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