It all started with a Goofy Pencil Caddy… while browsing Spoonful (my go to for Disney and other quick crafts to do with Little Man) my eyes fell upon this project to make a pencil can and I thought this was something Little Man would like and we could do together.  Since he is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior I knew it would be a hit and it was time to start getting him ready to go back to pre-school….

Making Going Back to School a Bit Goofy with and Capturing Magical Memories

I hope by sharing what we did it gives you some ideas of how to make starting school a bit more Goofy.

Goofy Pencil Caddy:

In this example instead of using a oatmeal container as the directions recommend a soup can was painted with black spray paint.  Of course a soup can is smaller than a oatmeal container so the template was printed at 60% in size.

The ears were cut from felt but other elements were paper (I recommend felt if you have it but paper works in a pinch).

The biggest change was that the elements were not adhered to the can. Since the can was metal Xyron magnetic tape (affiliate link) was added to the back allowing Little Man to recreate Goofy’s face anytime.  It also allows you to change the decorations as you wish or even make a Mr. Potato Head of sorts.

Goofy Pencil Caddy from

This Goofy template is great so don’t stop there.  Use it on a basic black notebook or book cover.  In this example Goofy green and yellow trim was added using scrapbooking scraps. Again, the elements were cut from heavy cardstock but this time were adhered to the notebook using a Xyron Create a Sticker Machine (affiliate link).  Kids love using the sticker maker!

Goofy Pencil Caddy from

Directions and Goofy template: Goofy Pencil Caddy

Pook-A-Looza Bookmarks: 

How about some bookmarks to go with your new notebook?  I found these  Mickey and Friends Pook-A-Looza Bookmarks printable that were perfect.  All you have to do is print them on heavy card stock and add some Xyron magnetic tape (affiliate link).  (Little Man and I share these bookmarks and it makes my day to see them in my own work notebook.)

Pook-A-Looza Printable Bookmarks of Mickey Mouse and Friends From Spoonful

Direction and template: Mickey and Friends Pook-A-Looza Bookmarks

As you can tell we went a bit overboard but it shows you there are a lot of back to school ideas on Spoonful that can be adapted or lifted to make any project a bit more magical.  We also had a lot of fun!  My favorite moment is when Little Man held up parts of the Goofy pencil caddy to his face and said ‘Gawrsh’.  Love that little guy!

Goofy-ing Around while making the Goofy Pencil Caddy


How did you make starting school this year a bit more fun?

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