Experiencing the Magic Kingdom Rope Drop at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop Review

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A Disney trip isn’t complete without getting your family early, loading them all onto a bus, and making your way over to the Magic Kingdom half hour to an hour before opening just to see the Magic Kingdom rope drop (Disney lingo for park opening).

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop

You might think we are crazy for getting up so early but there is something magical about this park opening.  It really does stand out from all the rest. Let me tell you about why you may also want to get your kids up early one day out of your vacation.

Capture Some Great Family Photos

Before opening Cast Members will let you in past the turnstiles so you can wander around the courtyard in front of the Railroad station.

  • This is a great opportunity to capture some #DisneyMemories and get photos of the family in front of the Mickey topiary  and Walt Disney World Railroad with little to no crowds.  (There is also a Photopass photgrapher there if you want the official shots.)
  •  You may get picked to the be the family of the day and get to open the park.  So definitely don’t shy away if a Cast Member comes up and starts talking to you.  There is no formula to getting picked except for being there at least an hour before park opening.

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Family Photo Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Family Photo
  Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Family Photo

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Family Photo

Enjoy the Opening Show

As you get closer to opening time you will want move towards the middle of the courtyard. If you have smaller children get them close to the topiary wall.  Now the magic begins…

  • A citizen of Main Street (typically the Mayor or Fire Chief) comes out and welcomes you to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” (in Disneyland you are welcomed to the “Happiest Place on Earth”)

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - The Mayor Welcoming Everyone

  • Main Street singers appear and welcome you with their rendition of ‘Good Morning’ from Singing in the Rain

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Good Morning Dance Routine

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Opening Countdown

  • Then the Mayor or Fire Chief puts his hand to his ear and you begin to hear the huff and puff of a Disney World Railroad Engine

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - The Mayor Hears the Train Coming

Watch All the Characters

Then you see the steam of the engine break through the trees.

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - A Train Full of Disney Characters

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - The Train Comes into the Station

A train filled with your favorite characters pulls into the station – Alice, Goofy, Daisy, Pinocchio  etc.   You never know who will be there.   But you will know one thing.  In the first car is Mickey Mouse and the family of the day.

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - The Characters Line the Track

Feel the Excitement of the Count Down

Once all of the characters have moved from the train to the railing there is a countdown.  3-2-1….  the family of the day opens the park with a bang!

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - Opening Countdown

  • Streamer fly in the air and confetti showers down on everyone.  And since your at Disney the confetti is shaped like Mickey.
  • If your kids are up front let the pick up some streamers and confetti.  It’s so fun to see them scramble for it and the confetti is a great reminder of a magical moment.
  • Hint: Pick up some confetti yourself and when you get home place it in something of the kids (like their lunch box) to surprise them.

Magic Kingdom Rope Drop - A Train Full of Disney Characters

At this time the rope has dropped and people are scrambling to get to their first ride.

Before you join the herd just take a moment and enjoy the magic.  Look down and see the smiles on your children’s face and preserve those #DisneyMemories.  They are the ones that matter.

What do you get up early for on your Disney vacation?
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