Last week Creative Memories announced that it will no longer sell or support their mac scrapbooking Software sbcStudio.  This was not a surprise as the program never quite worked right and they could not make it Mac Lion OS compatible.  So I have been slowly transitioning to Photoshop Elements over the past couple of months.

But now it is official and I am faced with the fact I have a whole bunch of projects (albums) I need to save before I can no longer access them.  This made me think.  What if YOUR digital scrapbooking software was no longer around?  Do you have your albums backed up in a common format?

I am currently opening all of my sbcStudio projects and exporting them as jpgs.  Why jpgs?  Because they are a common format that will be around for a long time and can be opened by a large number of programs.  I did think about recreating the pages in Photoshop Elements but even then I am dependant on a single program to open them.

Backing Up Your Scrapbook Pages - Save as jpg, psd, or tiff Files

Save as jpg, psd, or tiff Files

My recommendation is that once you have finished an album make a jpg backup of the pages.  This way you know you will always have a copy no matter what happens to the original project file.  (UPDATE: I have also been recommended psd format for high quality or tiff format for functionality)

Then of course you have to store them.  I would recommend some sort of photo organization software.  I just seem to lose things if they are just in folder.  I use iPhoto but Photoshop Solutions has one along with Creative Memories.

Trick: Add a blank page as the first photo in your folder and then you can see the pages as 2-page spreads.

Backing Up Your Scrapbook Pages - Organize them in Albums

Organize them in Virtual Albums

Now I have everything backed up and I can access them on any computer using just about any software.  I wish I had done this earlier and I will be doing this moving forward.

How do you make sure your memories are protected?

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