Live 365 – 4 Radio Stations that will have You Reliving the Magic at Home


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Live 365 Cell Phone App for Radio StationsThe Music

One thing that always takes me back to my favorite moments at Walt Disney World is when I hear that music.  It can be the humor from the Jungle Cruise radio feed or the romance of the music they play at night around the World Showcase after they have lit the torches.

I can remember my husband and I walking quietly hand in hand listening to that music when we were just dating.  It was so romantic seeing the showcase lit up at night with just fire torches leading the way.   

So many of my memories are tied to the music that I had to find a way to listen to it at home to. That is when I discovered Live 365.  This is definitely the go-to app for any Disney music lover.

Live 365 has over 150 radio stations devoted to Disney.  The app is free but if you want to go ad free and get some extra station you can pay to be a VIP for as little as $5.95 a month.  I will admit I am a VIP user and listen to app daily.  So it has been worth if for me.

The app is available for iPhone and Android.  I also love that I can access it from my computer.  It allows me to have the music with me wherever I am.

My Favorite Stations

Reedy Creek Radio

Reedy Creek Radio LogoThis was the first station I listened to and still is my first stop each day.  They play a great collection of Disney Parks music.  My favorite thing is how nice and accessible they are.  If you go to their website they have a chat room.   I highly recommend going their and getting to know the folks that run this channel.

They have even been know to grant requests at times.  They made my day once by playing Hapa Dunai from the Kilamanjaro Safari for me while I at lunch.  It was wonderful to take a moment to forget I was in the office and put myself on the savannah hoping that I would see a lion perched on the rocks or a rhino blocking the road.   Thanks guys!

Mickey’s Magic Radio

This is my singing go-to station.  They play a lot of soundtrack songs along with some of the Disney Parks tunes.  If you like belting out Cruella De Ville or Wishes as you drive down the road then this station is for you.  It is also great for kids!

MouseWorld Radio

MouseWorld Radio LogoI usually resort to MouseWorld at work as my background music.  They have 4 stations that are just a little bit different.

MouseWorld Radio 1 – Typically plays shorter audio files that include Disney World Attractions, Disney Parks Area Music & Walt Disney World Resort TV.  A lot of these have lyrics that you will find yourself singing along with.  Does anyone remember Food Rocks?

MouseWorld Radio 2 – A lot like Radio 1 but has a higher quality.  This station you definitely want to listen to while you are on wi-fi.

MouseWorld Radio 3 – This station is meant for those that have a weak signal.  I also like that is has a lot of the voice clips like commercials from the TV or the monorail loops.

MouseWorld Radio 4 – This is my favorite channel for work.  Most of the music here are the ambience loops from all of the Disney Parks.  Here is where you will find the Epcot entrance music or loop from Tower of Terror.  It is perfect background music!

The Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion LogoThis is one that is actually fun to listen to and quite relevant at this time of year.  It really does play NOTHING but sounds and music from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion! You will be surprised how much content there really is.

It just makes you day to hear your ghost host ask about the room with no windows or doors or to remind you “No flash photography, please! We ghosts are sensative to bright lights.”

These are some of my favorite places to go to for Disney music.   The music fill my day at work, at home or in the car.  It is my way of keeping the memories close at hand and gets me excited for our next trip.

I know I am missing some great stations.  What are your favorite Disney music stations?  What music get’s you through the day?


Live 365 Cell Phone App for Radio Stations

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