Usually I am the one with the camera and taking all the family shots.  I also tend to consider myself an amateur photographer that likes to continuously learn to take more complicated and creative photos.  Add to that the fact my husband is terrible with a camera it is a wonder I would let anyone else take photos.

That changed this last trip and it one of my most special memories. On one morning of the trip I went to pick up my camera and Little Man stopped me.  He said “no big camera” and then picked up his camera and handed it to me.   I quickly understood – he was the photographer this day and I was to just sit back and watch.

Fisher Prices Kid Tough Look at Me Camera

So we headed out to Animal Kingdom with our Fisher-Price Kid Tough Camera (affiliate link) in tow. A quick overview of this camera:

The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera is a great beginner camera for little ones.  It takes photos and records video that are not high quality but perfect for little ones and includes a lens that flips from front to back for great selfies.

It takes a SD card so they can load it up with photos without worrying about running out of space.  The camera also comes with software that allows you to add special effects to your photos.  And when they say kid tough – they mean it!  This camera had been through it all and it still works fine.

When we arrived at Animal Kingdom Little Man was adamant about what ride to go on – Jungle Truck!! (Kilimanjaro Safari).  He had seen Mom taking lots of photos on this ride and now it was his turn.  The entire ride I just sat by him and watched him take photos – both of us smiling from ear to ear.

We also talked a bit about photography.  He would get upset when he would miss the shot and I would tell him how photographers takes lots of photos – some good and some are bad.  You just have to keep trying.  He quickly understood and kept on shooting.

Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Animal Kingdom Photos by Children

Having your children take the reigns of capturing your memories is a wonderful way to pass on the tradition of photo preservation, spend quality time together, and to get an understanding of your child’s view of the world.

As many of you know sometimes your children’s favorite attractions may not be what you consider an actual ride.  It may be jumping on the beds in the hotel room, the resort pool, the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. etc.

On this trip Little Man’s love was with all that was transportation.  If it was on wheels, tracks, or water we had to get on board.  Here are his photos of what he thinks are the best things at Walt Disney World

Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Epcot Parking Lot and Spaceship Earth - Photos by Children

I loved getting to know my son a bit more by sharing this responsibility.  I look forwards to sharing more time with him taking photos in the future and watching how he grows and how he sees the world around him.

So on your next trip let them be the historian and let them capture their memories their way.  It is magical!

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