Kids are always the hardest critics.  What you think they would love often turns out to be boring.  So I am going to let my son take the reigns on what he thinks is the best.

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What Makes Disney Dream & Fantasy Pools Different

When I asked my son what he thought was the best pool at Disney he quickly replied ‘AQUADUCK’. As I began to interview him on ‘why it was his favorite’ I quickly realized that a video might be the way to go.

Here is why John like the pool deck on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream the best. Better than any of the pools on land.

The Main Pools

There are two pools that kids of all ages have access to.

Donald’s Pool is the deeper of the two and is 5 feet deep across the entire length. Because the depth is constant and there is no stair entry it may be scary for swimmers that aren’t too strong (or for parent’s watching on).

The other pool, the Mickey Pool, is only 2 feet deep and perfect for all ages. This pool is always full of activity and is the central meeting place for most kids.

John mentioned the fact that he loved putting his face under water and seeing the picture of Mickey there. He would bounce back and forth from the Mickey hand slide and the Mickey Pool.

Note: only children that are potty trained are allowed in any of the pools on a Disney boat. This is for sanitary reasons. For those that aren’t potty trained there is Nemo’s reef splash area.

Mickey Slide

During his interview, John made it perfectly clear that the Mickey Hand Slide is for kids only. And I can attest to that.

Technically I meet the height requirement (just over 5 feet) but the lifeguard would not let me go. Even though I begged and pleaded. So my son is right – kids only!

You will see a line for this slide all day long. Good news is it goes pretty quickly and the kids will just bounce back up and go again.

John rode that ride for half of Lilo and Stitch (what I got to watch from my chair since I could not go on the slide).

So it is high on his recommendation list.

Family Friendly Hot Tub

There are also two family hot tubs on Deck 11. I would not classify these as hot tub temperature; more like bath tub temperature. So kids of any age could easily enjoy it.

The best part for John was the glass bottom of the hot tubs. You could see right down to the ocean. And many people get freaked out walking on that part of the hot tub.

Note: Hot tubs get CRAZY CROWDED during prime pool hours. This is something you will want to enjoy first thing in the morning or late in the evening.


As the title of this article boasted the best part of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy pool decks is the Aquaduck. To this date John talks about the Aquaduck and how he wants to go on another Disney Cruise just to ride it 100 times!

Inspired by the Crushin’ Gusher at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World, The AquaDuck is a 765′ water roller coaster slide. This means you can go up and down!

Guests 42″ and taller ride a double in a raft through a clear tube that takes you 12 feet off the side of the ship. That’s right, you are riding about the waves. 16 decks above the waves (that’s about 150 feet)!!!

Kids under 54″ in height can not ride alone and must ride in front. So make sure you have an adult present to go with them.

Another really cool thing ( John’s words) is that the inside of the tube has light like a rainbow. You can really see them at night but from inside the ride you can see them all day.

Early in the morning and during dinner are the best times to ride the Aquaduck. Not much of a line compared to during peak hours where you can see a line all the way from the Deck 16 start point to the Deck 12 entry.

Tip: To make the Aquaduck raft go faster push forward with your feet and pull the edges of the raft in. You are trying to make it longer and skinnier. This makes it speed up.