Digital has made scrapbooking so much easier but it has also made them too perfect.  In the days of traditional scrapbooking you would have paper not quite square or you would get a drop of glue on the page.

Now digital scrapbookers are trying to recreate that look of imperfect.  You can actually get glue droplets for your pages!  But one of the easiest things I have found to roughen up a page is to alter your font.

Here is an example from a page I am working on.  The font on the blue label is just too bright and perfect. There are two things I like to do to roughen up the font so it does not stick out as much and that is to paint and erase.   In this example I use  Photoshop Elements but most scrapbooking software has the same ability.

Scrapbooking Tip - Original Page

Step 1. Add a Layer of Color over your Font

Rasterize or flatten then font so you can alter it like any other elements (right click on the layer and select Rasterize Type).  Then using a paintbrush and any splatter type pattern add some texture to the font.  In this example I am using a splatter brush, a cream color, and a opacity of around 50%.

Hint:  Using ctrl or cmd and clicking on the later selects the outline of the font with the ‘marching ants’. This will allow you to just brush on the font.

Scrapbooking Tip - Step 2 - Painting a BIt of Color on the Font

Add a Bit of Color to the Font

Step 2: Scuff Up the Font Using an Eraser Brush

Use the eraser with a splatter brush (the same one from Step 1 is fine) to remove some of the font so it looks a bit worn.   In this example I used the same brush but changed the opacity to 25%.

Hint: Go over some areas multiple times.  This provide variance.

Scrapbooking Tip - Step 3 - Erasing Parts of the Font

Erase a Bit of the Font

Here is the final version.  Now the font does not stick out as much.

Scrapbooking Tip - Final Look to a Weathered Font Page

Final Look with Weathered Font

Hope this gave you a couple of ideas to make your pages imperfect!

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