Disney World's Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K at Animal Kingdom

My husband had taken up running.  So far he has completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the Disneyland Half Marathon.   This was enough to also earn him the Disney Coast to Coast medal but he has decided to keep going and signed up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and the Walt Disney World Full Marathon.   Personally I think he is crazy but I somehow found myself signed up for the smaller Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5 K at 7 am the same day as the half-marathon.

This is billed as a…

“Run a fun-filled 5K that the whole family can enjoy. There’s something for everyone at the Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K where adults, teens and tweens can be a part of this official Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend event. Experience a 5K course that winds through Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park with an unforgettable finish!”

Well not only did I sign up for this but I also signed up for the stroller division.  This means John is coming with me.  What was I thinking!?

I could not find a map for the Jingle Jungle Run but I assume that it is the same for the other 5Ks in the park.  Please take a look at this route map.  Where the heck does that path go north? I did not even know there were paths back there.   I feel like this may actually be an expedition.

Expedition Everest 5 K Challenge Course Map at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest Challenge Course Map

And to add on to the complexity of the day even more, I signed John up for his own race.  He is running the runDisney Kids’ Races at 10 am.  He’ll be running in the 1-3 yo division in a 100 m dash.  The cool thing is he gets a medal of his own.  (technically two since he will also get one for the 5 K)

Since my husband will be at a work function I will be handling both of these outings on my own.  And as a bonus we are not staying at a race hotel.  So I will probably be getting a cab that morning.

In preparing for this trip I realized that our stroller was not up to a 5 K in the Animal Kingdom.  This was definitely a problem for me so I reached out to Matt at Kingdom Strollers.  He told me not to worry, he would take care of it all.  He has me set up with a BOB single stroller and has made sure that the stroller will be delivered to our resort in plenty of time the day before so I can get comfortable with it.  Since I am not athletic and this is the first time I have rented a stroller I am trusting Matt to take care of everything.
Kingdom Strollers Long Logo Banner
So wish me luck as I start preparing for this 5 K.  I know it is not a half-marathon but it’s still going to take some work for me to get ready!

If you want more information on runDisney events, drop Joe a line.   He definitely has the experience now to help you plan your trip.

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