St Patrick’s Day Paper Wreath Tutorial

St. Patricks's Day DIY Craft - Hidden Mickey Wreath and Printable

It’s that time of year again when thoughts of the Irish come to mind.  Now you may or may not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but there is something wonderful about all that green and how it bring to mind thoughts of spring.

One way to bring the green indoors is to create a wreath of 3-leaf and 4-leaf clover.  To add a bit of magic let’s add a Mickey clover to the mix.

This project can be done with paper, felt, or any other medium you would like to use.  In this case I am using paper because it is what I had laying around.

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Step 1 : Make Lots and Lots of Clover

For the normal 3 and 4-leaf clover you have a couple of options .  You can use a paper punch, a Cricut Explore™ or Silhouette Cameo, or cut them out by hand.  I suggest the first two options but if you have to cut them out by hand I have included a printable for that.

Hint: If you want to make your own using a personal cutter you can create clovers using 3-4 hearts and a comma to make the stem.  Just merge them together and you have a clover.

For the Mickey head 3 and 4-leaf clovers I have included two FREE printables that you can cut them out by hand.  Click on the image below to learn more.

Mickey Clover Printables

I have included Mickey head 3 and 4-leaf clovers so you can cut them out by hand.  One has the large clovers (click here for large clovers) and one has the small one (click here for small clovers).  You can use your printer settings to vary the sizes as you like.

Step 2 : Put All That Clover on a Wreath


You can use a pre-made wreath or cut our a large circle of your own.

In this example a circle was cut from three 12″ pieces of green card stock.  Three circles were glued together to make the circle strong enough to hold all the clover.

Hidden Mickey Wreath

Hint: To make the clover look a bit more realistic try:

1) Use multiple shades of green – here three different green cardstocks were used to make it look like a field of clover.

2) Use different clover – All clovers are not the same.  Try using 3 and 4 leaf clovers.  Reverse the images.  Make different sizes.  The printables included in this post have varying sizes and orientations to help you get started.

3) Distress the edges of the clover  – This makes the edges of the clover look unique and stand a part from the clover next to it.  This can be done by just rubbing the edge of the clover on an ink pad.  You could also just use a marker to get the same effect.  Browns distress inks are best but feel free to try something else.

4) Fold the leaves a bit – By just folding the leave up a bit the clover looks alive.  Just a bit will go a long way.

Now that you have all you clover ready to go just adhere the clover to the wreath with just a dab of glue in the center.  Mix and match colors, rotate, and fold up the clover as you go along.  Make it messy.

And remember to add a Mickey Head clover in every now and again.

Step 3 : Add The Finishing Touches


This is where you make the wreath your own.  In this example a bow was also cut out of paper and added to the bottom and a larger Mickey Head clover was added to the center of the wreath.

Tie on a string to hang it from and you are done.

This is just a place for you to start.  Let you imagination take over.  I can see this also being done with felt or even artificial clover.  You can also use a florist’s wreath to get more dimension.

Have fun and then make it a game for your kids to find the Mickey Head Clover.  So don’t make it easy for them!!

And have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish be with you.


Hidden Mickey Wreath