Disney DIY: Mickey Head Halloween Banner

Disney DIY Halloween Mickey Head Banner

Some weekend the kids are just to crazy to deal with!! You definitely need to wrangle them in and a quick and easy craft project is just the thing.

I had seen many banners on Pinterest and I knew I had to have one for Halloween.  And I knew I wanted it Disney themed.  So I went classic with the Mickey Head.   I thought up different Halloween characters and this banner was born.

There are no real directions here – just ideas. So let your imagination run wild.

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Step 1: Cut Out A Mixture of Pieces

let your personal cutter do all the hard work

Having a personal cutter like Cricut or Silhouette just makes things easier.  There is no reason why you can’t draw or print these out and cut them by hand but why do thay when you can whip them out in multiples.

I used my Cricut Explore™ for this craft but a Silhouette or other personal cutter will do just fine.

I found a Mickey Head in my Disney Mickey and Friends Cartridge and used it for the basis of each design.  The only other cartridge I used was Pooh and Friends for the witch hat. (I was surprised to that Pooh wore a witch hat – guess you never know)


Cricut Canvas Online Editor

search the web for Halloween icons

I googled some free svg cutting files for some of the other characters and used the Cricut Explore™ to create some shapes from generic png files. Again – free handing a lot of these is just fine.

Google Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files

Google Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files

Put together a Simple Banner

use what is around the house

Since this is a craft for kids don’t put too much thought into it. Use whatever you have around the house to hang them up. They are paper after all. I used twine and some scotch tape.

Hint: If you have one that won’t stay put weigh it down by taping some corn kernals or a crayon to the back. Mr J was completely wowed by that.

Make It Easy to Put It Together

ideas for some Mickey Heads

I know you want to know… so here are the Mickey Heads we made. Again, this is all up to the individual. Chose different elements, colors, etc. Have fun with your kids.

  • Mickey Dracula – A bit of hair on top with that famous hair line and a couple of fangs.
  • Mickey Frankenstein – Tousled hair that is flat on top, a stitch or two, and a set of bolts.
  • Mickey Pumpkin – Cut our the pumpkin face and add a backing. We used black but yellow would be nice too.
  • Ghost Mickey – Same as the pumpkin. Cut out a face and add a black backing.
  • Witch Mickey – A witch hat is all you need. Add a bow and you immediately have a Witch Minnie.
  • Pirate Mickey – A pirate hat and a patch. (you can easily google a pirate hat to cut out)
  • Mickey the Cat – Whiskers, yellow cat eyes, and a pink nose.
Our Halloween Mickey Heads

Our Halloween Mickey Heads

I am starting to branch out into video, so let Mr J take you on a tour of our Halloween Mickey Banner. And watch through the end for a Mr J original.

Tips for Working With Kids

Cut All Pieces Out At Once and Before Assembly

Little ones are impatient as you know.  I don’t know how many times are heard… ‘what are you doing?’, ‘how long is it going to take?’, ‘when can I glues’ and my favorite… ‘this is taking to long’.

So if you can have all of these cut out first you are ahead of the hair pulling.  Mine – not his.

Get Your Pieces Together Before You Begin

Get Your Pieces Together Before You Begin

Let them Piece Things Together

This is a great way to work with you kids on colors and shapes.  If you used a cutting file let them see it and figure out what goes where for each head.  If you don’t have a visual go-by you can just tell them each piece.

Handing Over the Glue Stick

I know this is a simple project but it one that is great for kids and we actually had it hanging up way longer than we should have. It actually became a Thanksgiving decoration.

So go for it and just have fun.

<Disney DIY Halloween Mickey Head Banner
Disney DIY Halloween Mickey Head Banner
Disney DIY Halloween Mickey Head Banner


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