Disclosure: I was provided samples from H2O Plus for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Your expereience may vary.

Heading out on a day in a Disney park can be overwhelming.  As a Mom you are responsible of making sure everyone is fed, bathed, and dressed.  Then you have to pack the day bag, make sure all tickets are accounted for, ensure trading pin lanyards are accounted for, and hose everyone down with a layer of sunscreen.  That is a lot to do before ever leaving the room.

But what about you?  You are about to go out into the park to be covered in sweat, doused by water rides, dripped on by Mickey bars, and baked by the Florida sun.  Have you taken care of your skin so you can not worry about sun damage and you know you will look your best for those photos?

H2O Plus Skin Care Survival for Touring the Disney Parks

That is where h2o+ comes in.  In addition to all the shampoo and conditioners we see in our Disney bathrooms they also have fantastic skin care products that can help you look your best in the park while minimizing sun damage. On this trip we had the opportunity to try some of their Oasis Oil-Free Marine Hydration Collection.  I said “we” here because my husband also used the products.

The h2o Plus Oasis line is made up of water based products that moisturize and hydrate for up to 8 hours.  It includes a blend of marine botanicals, antioxidants, and plant extracts to provide oil free hydration suitable for any skin type.

Let me walk you through the products and provide you with my thoughts.

Face Oasis Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser (4 fl oz $25)

This product combines exfoliation and deep cleansing.  The exfoliating enzyme dissolves dead skin while the jojoba beads polish and smooth the skin.

This item sat in the shower right next to our h2o+ hair products and we both used them each morning.  What I liked was the face wash was not overwhelmed by the exfoliates and a little went a long way.

And the smell was wonderfully fresh.  It did remind me of the ocean without being beachy.  It was slightly gel like which was great for my husband who began using it as a shaving cream too.

H2O Plus Skin Care Survival for Touring the Disney Parks

Face Oasis Hydrating Lotion SPF 30 (1.3 fl oz $42)

This 100% oil-free moisturizer contains marine botanicals to deliver deep hydration and a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides protection from UVA/UVB rays.  It contains UV-activated microspheres that open and release vitamins whens exposed to sunlight.

We both started our days off with a layer of this lotion.  It was very lightweight and like the other products the smell was not overwhelming.  After 5 years of marriage I finally have my husband trained to use a spf lotion and he liked the way it made his face smooth but not girly.

My only critique is that I wish it was at least a SPF 40.  I am predisposed for skin cancer so I need a bit more coverage. For my husband it is perfect and SPF 30 is a lot better than the SPF 15 that comes with most lotions.


Face Oasis Cleansing Water (6.7 fl oz @21)

Ultra-hydrating and refreshing cleansing water that is perfrect for removing impurities and makeup.  Multivitamin coplex contains vitamins A, C, and E to improve the skin’s natural elasticity and resilience to the environment.

I ended the day by washing off the day with this product.  (my husband isn’t trained for an evening wash yet – maybe in the next 5 years) This product is interesting as you expect it to be a soap texture but it is more like water (hence the name).  But as soon as you start rubbing your hands togethr it quickly foams and is great.

I was surprised at how well it cleaned and it does not dry out your skin at all.   I forgot to put on evening lotion one night and it did not feel like my face was leather like at all.

H2O Plus Skin Care Survival for Touring the Disney Parks

Targeted Care Solar Relief Gel ($20)

A cooling, oil-free gel for face and body, which helps restore depleted moisture while relieving the discomfort of heat and sunburn.

Luckily we did not need to use this product.  But the smell that wafted from it was heavenly.  I really could use it as an air freshener.

H2O Plus Skin Care Survival for Touring the Disney Parks

 We both really loved these products.  So much so that we may be transitioning to them in the future.  My husband who cannot even fathom paying over $20 for moisturizer was the one who made the first comment about buying some more. Now that says something!

I hope you enjoyed my review and will think about what you are using at the park to protect your skin.

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