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Thanks again to Beth for inviting me back to talk scrapbooking. Pirates is such a fun theme to put into your albums.  And with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride & gift shop, Jack Sparrow’s Pirates Tutorial, and the Pirates League there are plenty of chances for photo ops.  With that said I still came up short on the photos and graciously Beth has given me some of her family photos to play with.

My first page is the one capturing the essence of Beth’s post In Pursuit of Pirates ~ Part 1 Where My Disney Obsession Truly Began.  When I read her post I knew I wanted to capture the essence of being a pirate and her research of history.

So I brought it together with a simple treasure map photo frame and compass.  I also used my favorite quote from the ‘A Pirates Life for Me’ song.  It’s my favorite because it talks about how the pirates are seen as both good and bad.

Scrapbooking tips: Take a photo of the ride sign.  You never know when it will come in handy. And song lyrics are great additions to a page because music always brings back the feelings of a memory.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Vintage Pirate Family Photo

The second page is more on the fun side as it highlights Beth’s children playing around.  I loved the shots of the kids in the gift store and now I have it on my to-do list to take some of these fun shots next year.

Scrapbooking tips: Journaling does not have to be long and wordy.  Fun captions on photos are just as good!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Playing around in the Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Store

Goofing around in the Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Store

I hope these pages and tips inspire you to go out there and capture your memories!
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